Top in the Shop

Game Cafe
Weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 pm

About Top in the Shop

Top in the Shop is KC's longest running weekly fighting game tournament/hook up featuring the best players in the city.

Doors open: 6pm --close 2am+
Venue fee: $5
Brackets: $5

Top in the Shop rotates between bracket play and "dojo" nights. Dojo nights are reserved for open play so players can really put the time in and grind casual matches. Casuals are always allowed but Dojo nights have the best chance of getting more games in.

Brackets(when available) are standard 2/3 double elimination tournaments with pay outs to top 3 using this model:

1- 50%

Currently SFVAE has the most consistent turnouts with DBFZ picking up traction with season 2. There is plenty of room for all games though, you only need to bring your set up.

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