Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 – New Mechanics and Characters Announced

Multiple Z-Assists and New Characters for Fighter Pass 3
By on February 9, 2020

The new Season 3 character pass announcement reveals 2 new characters coming to join the fight.

First revealed is Ultra Instinct Goku from Dragon Ball Super. This form of Goku is his strongest form yet in the series where Goku separates his consciousness from his body to allow it to react faster than the mind. In the trailer we see many of his “move like water” type of counters and insane speeds. Ultra Instinct Goku will be available to play Spring 2020.

Before UI Goku, the female fusion fighter Kefla will be the first DLC character available. Kefla is the fusion of 2 Saiyans from Universe 7, Kale and Caulifla. We see that she uses a lot of alternating ki blast attacks and has some command dashes to spice up her mix-up game. Kefla is available to play on February 28, 2020.

See the Season 3 Trailer below:


Dragon Ball FighterZ producer, Tomoko Hiroki, made a huge announcement about the next update for the game. She says that she and the team want to keep the experience of DBFZ fresh and add new features. They’ll achieve this by giving every character 3 Z-Assists. The original version of the game up until now has only had 1 set Z-Assist for each character. This new addition will open up huge creative avenues and allow the viability of more team compositions.

Some of the new assists we see are

  • Beerus with a multi-directional ki blast into a vanish kick.
  • Base Vegeta has an uppercut that leads into a knee drop
  • Hit has his command grab slashes
  • Cell has his teleport kicks
  • Krillin and Trunks has a straight beam
  • Kid Buu has his rolling attack
  • SSJ Goku has a teleporting punch series
  • Piccolo has an antenna beam
  • Ginyu has the ability to call the Ginyu Force

The new season will also include adjustments to the characters as well. Some examples they listed were adjusting big hit boxes on big characters to avoid easy fuzzy setups. Ki Charging seems to negate small ki blasts. To prevent one sided matches, the positioning of snap backs have made it harder for the aggressors to get a free mix-up. The last character will be also getting an X-Factor like buff to make things less one-sided. Hiroki has stated that these changes are not set in stone and will likely make changes as the 3rd season of DBFZ progresses.

See the full announcement with new Z-Assists shown below:

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