Born Free Interviews Angry Bird – Best Zeku In The World

Angry Bird tells how he trains with no local resources, visa issues he's faced, and the lore behind his gamer tag.
By on June 2, 2019

Born Free (@bornfreetweets) sat down with Angry Bird (@fgc_angrybird) at Combo Breaker 2019 with an extensive interview.

Angry Bird is best known for his dynamic Zeku in Street Fighter V. He’s made many heads turn with his 1st place wins at Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018, CPT EU Regionals 2018 and Brusells Challenge 2019, and a great 7th place finish at Capcom Cup Finals in 2018.

Find out how Angry Bird trains despite having a tiny local scene in theĀ  United Arab Emirates (UAE). What kind of problems did visa issues cause him for his Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) ranking? And what is the lore behind the gamer tags of Angry Bird and Big Bird?


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