ARCREVO 2020 Online Announced for Japan and North America

Arc System Works brings their annual tournament series online for both regions.
By on July 31, 2020

During a collaborative stream of major Japanese fighting game developers, Arc System Works announced that it’s annual ARCREVO tournament would be held online in 2020. The tournament series will feature several of ASW’s popular franchises, and offer separate tournaments for North America and Japan.

ARCREVO Online Japan announced plans to showcase five titles, with BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Granblue Fantasy: Versus headlining the event. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2, BlazBlue Centralfiction, and Under Night In-Birth [cl-r] will also feature tournament brackets. Currently, only BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Granblue Fantasy: Versus appear on the North American tournament schedule.

Both tournaments plan to begin in early October 2020. ARCREVO Online America is scheduled for October 10th, while no official date appears for ARCREVO Online Japan. The North American series will feature regional qualifiers for the final championship. We can expect more details in the weeks leading up to both events.

During the live stream, Arc System Works also revealed some impressive collaboration art for each ARCREVO Online tournament. Each art piece features fighters from Granblue Fantasy: Versus and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. If you want to snag one to use as a wallpaper, we’ve got you covered for both Japan and North America below.

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