r/StreetFighter Hosts Charity Tournament for Asian American’s Advancing Justice

The Online Local wants to #StopAsianHate
By on March 26, 2021

r/StreetFighter hosted a charity Street Fighter V tournament to raise money for Asian American’s Advancing Justice.

There has been a rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans as misplaced retribution for the Covid pandemic. So Joe Munday took it upon himself to help in the best way he can, hosting a charity tournament to bring awareness and raise money for an organization that fights for Asian Americans.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) is a nonprofit legal advocacy group that engages in policy advocacy, organizing, impact litigation, and legal services.

The tournament itself brought in many of the usuals from their Online Local tournament series. The CPT 2017 champion, MenaRD, has also been participating regularly bringing his Sakura to the fight. But Pollyneytor’s FANG rampaged all through winners, including Mena’s Sakura, to get to the Grand Finals. But Mena fights his way back up the losers bracket to meet Pollyneytor and brought out the Birdie to take the tournament.

You can check out the VODs of the matches here below

You can also still donate here for the cause until 3/29/2021.

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