Yashiro Nanakase Trailer is Released for King of Fighters XV

By on March 25, 2021

This week sees another entry in the series of King of Fighters XV trailers leading up to the release of the game, with SNK showing off Yashiro Nanakase as the newest character. Once again, the trailer shows off lots of combos involving different meter expenditures, and we still see plenty of different super flashes which we don’t know the details of. With Yashiro also looking similar to his previous incarnations back from KOF 2002 and earlier, it seems that even with other developers making drastic changes to game systems like Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, SNK is keeping at least most of the general KOF game ideas intact. We will have to see what detailed gameplay looks like with proper footage showing meters and other UI elements, but with how similar characters have looked compared to their past selves, it seems most of the game will be familiar to players of the classic fighting game series. With excitement building around this announcement, anticipation is building toward who the next character could be. Will the next character revealed be one of his former teammates, or will the game shatter all expectations again and switch it up? We’ve already seen both classic teams played straight, and new unexpected teams like Iori on Team Hero, so anything could happen.


Check out Yashiro’s trailer here:

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