WT/sF Answers Redditors’ Fighting Game Questions

By on March 16, 2020

Anyone who’s active in Fighting Game Community Twitter will know about WireMan’s weekly positive-vibes posts. Recently, though, he started a new tradition: WT/sF. As the name cleverly suggests, WT/sF is a series of instructional and informational videos for FGCers who find themselves asking “WTF” about some situation or another. WireMan scans common questions from the r/StreetFighter subreddit, polls his followers to see which topic he should discuss, and then creates a video to mach. Past subjects have included “getting in,” finding people to play with, and more.

Below, you can find this week’s episode on learning matchups. Check out WireMan’s work, and if it’s up your alley, subscribe to his personal Twitter and also the Twitter and YouTube accounts for The Heya, his home for WT/sF!

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