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Aloha FGC!
By on August 8, 2019

Fighting Games can be played anywhere, especially in paradise! Keith from the Oahu FGC helps to keep the fight alive in his local scene.

What’s the story behind this event? Any particular reason you started it?

VGH (Video Gamers Hawaii) started off as a Facebook group (and it still is). It was just like any other gaming group at the time; sharing gaming news, memes, opinions on gaming, etc. But how our FGC (Fighting Game Community) side actually started is with 3 friends that had the same interest in fighting games and the love of the competitive side of it. Myself (MC Murdercuddles), RayBladeX, and Lukester64 all had something to offer. We had equipment, experience/knowledge of the FGC, and good public relations with the Hawaii gaming scene. When we first started, we did some home events and worked with other gaming communities to get our name out. Long story short, we hustled to find our home venue at Osoyami Bar & Grill, where we currently gather every Thursday Night.

What makes your local stand out?

Our venue is actually in a restaurant (Osoyami Bar & Grill). This makes it an all age venue, but you gotta be 21 & over to drink. We also hold tournaments every week for different current fighting games. We are also the only folks that do “free casual play” if anyone wants to get some games in. We also do random givaway prizes every once in awhile for our community. It’s our way of thanking them for supporting us.

Can you share some of your favorite moments?

Damn, there are a lot! There were a lot of hype moments from various fighting game matches I want to talk about. We have a lot of those “you had to be there” moments. We just started streaming again this year, but this is one of our most hype moment so far.

Who are people at your event that isn’t getting enough attention?

One of our TOs (Tournament Organizers), Captain Alera. She helps and provides so much for the community here, from recording score’s to providing giveaway prizes to our players. Also Spoon, our stream director. He did so much on his free time to make us look good and professional on stream (we can’t thank him enough). And of course, Lambech, who is our emcee. He hypes the crowd up and always makes things entertaining for our players and spectators.

Where can we find out more about your scene?

Can I share the link?

Most of our other stuff (pics, event dates) are on @vgh808 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Learn more about their locals here on their page!

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