Versus Corona 3

Tournaments for TvC - Parsec UMVC3 - MVCi
By on September 18, 2020

Versus Corona is the a monthly tournament series supporting the Capcom Versus series.
Our next event is 9/20 at 2PM US Eastern time (11AM Pacific) and has 3 events on the lineup:

Tatsunoko vs Corona 10:
Our first tournament and flagship event returns for its 10th installment. Streaming on MatchstickMelee

Ultimate Marvel vs Covid 2:
Our Parsec UMvC3 event returns for it’s 2nd week on multiple regional cloud servers. Catch all the action at WillEnglishIV

Marvel vs Covid Infinite:
For the first time we are adding Marvel vs Capcom infinite to the lineup. The tournament is staffed by veteran TOs and members of the MvCI community and streamed by GonzoFGC

We also have Matcherino prize pool support for all of our events with pot bonuses based on entries! Support them here:

Tatsunoko vs Corona 10 – Use Code “TvCorona10”

Ultimate Marvel vs COVID 2 – Use Code “TvCorona10”

Marvel vs COVID Infinite – Use Code “MvCovidInf”

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