Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late [cl-r] Steam Edition Release Date Revealed

See when you can play as Londrekia and get the balance changes on PC
By on March 10, 2020

Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late [cl-r] Steam edition is finally releasing for March 27, 2020.

This is a record turn around time for developer, French Bread, with only a month between the PS4 and PC release. The previous iteration, Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late[st] had a 6 month window from the PS4 release (Feb 9, 2018) to the PC release (Aug 20, 2018).

The update will mirror that of the PS4 with the balance changes for all the characters being completely free if you already own UNIST. An upgrade package is available that will give the new character colors, DLC character Londrekia, and his round call voice. And of course, there is the full UNICLR game package that will be available for those who don’t own UNIST.

Here’s a list of what comes in the UNICLR upgrade package:

  • Additional Character Londrekia & Additional Gallery Item
  • Additional Character Color 5 (Hyde, Linne, Waldstein, Carmine, Orie)
  • Additional Character Color 6 (Gordeau, Merkava, Vatista, Seth, Yuzuriha)
  • Additional Character Color 7 (Hilda, Nanase, Byakuya, Akatsuki, Eltnum)
  • Additional Character Color 8 (Chaos, Wagner, Enkidu, Mika, Phonon)
  • Additional Londrekia Colors (No. 31-40)
  • Londrekia’s Round Call Voice

Be sure to support the French Bread team for this extremely generous offering by purchasing the upgrade package (UNIST to UNICLR) or the full game when it releases.

If you want to grab the physical release of the games, you can get them on PS4 and Switch.

Note: If you purchase the game through the links we’ve provided, you’ll be supporting us to make more great stuff for the community.

Source: Steam

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