UltraDavid Makes a “Too Early” Tier List for Street Fighter V Season 5

By on December 26, 2019

UltraDavid makes a “too early” tier list for Street Fighter V Season 5.

UltraDavid uses a bit of an unconventional method with using spreadsheets. He has 2 different tier lists that he maps out denoting them as his “regular” and “tournament” tier list. The regular tier list is a standard overall measure of strength on paper. The tournament tier list is one that sees which characters he thinks are likely to win tournaments.

See UltraDavid’s full tier list below:


He puts Gill off to the side because it’s unclear what his strength is at this point of the game’s life.


You can watch the full 4 hour stream with his explanations below:

*edit* Here’s an edited down version on YouTube:

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