Two Fighting Game Brothers Receive Immense Support from their Community To Escape Abuse

The Fighting Game Community is helping Mario DB & Luigi DB to escape the bad situation in their household
By on August 25, 2020

Community is a group of people that support each other when times get tough. The Fighting Game Community exemplifies this definition with the many times it has come together to help members that faced their home burning, assisting with funeral costs, and natural disaster relief. Once again the FGC is coming together to support two of its members facing abuse.

Mario DB & Luigi DB are up and coming Street Fighter V players who have been making the ranks in online tournaments. They play a plethora of characters between the both of them like Karin, Guile, and G.

Danny Pham put out a message on Twitter about how he’s heard about a bad living situation that the brothers and their mother are in. He explains that there seems to be some abuse in their household that involves physical and drug abuse and didn’t want to divulge any more than that. To help, Danny is organizing a charity exhibition with top players like himself, Punk, and Justin Wong with the format yet to be announced. The event will take place on Friday August 28, 2020. Be sure to follow @Drannypham for updates on who will attend and where you can watch it.

The Fighting Game Community has come out in droves of support to help the brothers escape their situation. We hope that enough money is raised to help them find a new home where they can be safe. At the time of this writing the amount raised so far is $6,600 out of their $10k goal.


Check out the call to action by Danny and the donation link below:


Danny has announced the event that will happen for this charity. ALFACHECK will have exhibition sets and a draft style team tournament. Check out the official announcement below for all the deets:



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