TopTier Dojo

Welcome to the TopTier Dojo!


The Beginner Dojo is for players new to the genre and looking for guidance on how to get started. These articles will go over the basics that will help you get your bearings and make fighting games feel natural to play.

How All Gamers Already Know How to Play Fighting Games

How to Have Fun as a Beginner

Good Movement in 2D Fighting Games

Creating a 2D Character “Starter Pack”

The Skeleton of a Tekken Character

How to Burst in Guilty Gear Strive


The Intermediate Dojo is for players who have the basics down and want to get to the next level.

  • You have a comfortable grasp on movement and attacking
  • Executing basic combos isn’t too much of a sweat
  • You need guidance on how to put the basics together to give a good fight

How to Have Fun as an Intermediate Player

Creating a Basic Game Plan in 2D Fighting Games

Defeating Mental Fatigue at Tournaments

How to Use Replays

How to Use Scenario Training

Why Long Drills Give You More Than Just Execution


The Gatekeeper Dojo is for players who are ready to level up their tournament performances.

  • You know what to do in most situations but might struggle to adapt to new opponents.
  • You’re no longer worried about execution (mostly).
  • You’re comfortable enough with your own play that you’re focused on more intricate matchup details.

Hate Fighting a Fighting Game Matchup? Study That Character

How to Identify and Use Fighting Game Player Archetypes

The Contender Dojo is for players looking to squeeze the most optimization out of their play.

  • You’re looking to consistently reach a top placing at local/regional events.
  • You understand the risk/reward of your strategies and are looking for the best ways to apply them.
  • You’re looking for improvements on a macro-level, in addition to being confident in execution.

How To Always Outplay Your Opponent in Fighting Games