Three Characters Confirmed So Far for King of Fighters 15 and Reveal Trailer Date Announced

SNK Producers, Oda and Ogura, show off some of the concept art and announces the date for the first trailer
By on December 3, 2020

SNK finally reveals some details about the latest iteration of the King of Fighters.

The team at SNK first announced the game at Evolution 2019, so it has been some time since that first announcement. This move is most likely due to the team being very careful about showing a polished product. SNK’s reveal for KOF 14 was disastrous due to the graphics being very unpolished on top of it being their first foray into using 3D models in a mainline King of Fighters game.

First is Shun’ei the protagonist of King of Fighters 14 is coming back with essentially the same look.

The second character revealed is long-time protagonist Kyo Kusanagi who is sporting his classic black leather jacket and jeans look with his bandana.

And third is Benimaru sporting a flowery sleeveless Chinese style shirt and jeans.

The teaser also reveals that January 7, 20201 will be the first official trailer to show off the game. Along with the trailer will also be the reveal of the Last Blade character coming to Samurai Shodown along with another character announced.

Watch the full video interview here below:

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