Them’s Fightin’ Herds Version 1.0 is Now Available

By on May 7, 2020

The indie game revolution has brought a ton of great experiences for us made by small studios. Even though fighting games is more a niche genre, there’s still a good bunch of great indie fighters coming through. Them’s Fightin’ Herds might be one of the best we’ve seen from the bunch.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds was originally a My Little Pony fighting game developed by Mane6 that got hit by a cease and desist order. It has now transformed into this indie darling of a game that is being made with a lot of love. The full version of the game includes a fleshed out story mode, robust training mode, and a very cute pixel style lobby system. The game is also powered by GGPO for the sweet roll back net code experience.

Here is the official full list of features of the combat and the game modes:

Combat Features

  • 4-Button Fighting – A (Light), B (Medium), C (Heavy), D (Magic).
  • Magic System – Emphasize your character’s special abilities through a dedicated button and a unique resource.
  • Enhanced Super Attack – Spend an additional bar of meter during your super for a bonus utility effect.
  • Juggle Decay – An infinite-prevention system that manages combo length without imposing hard limits.
  • Dynamic Music System – Rockin’ character themes adapt in the heat of the battle to make every fight feel like a clash of champions.
  • GGPO Netcode – Battle across the globe with little to no input delay.

Game Modes

  • Local Versus and Online Matchmaking – Play at home or fight worthy opponents on-demand.
  • Tutorial and Training Modes – Learn the ropes with guided tutorials, or practice on your own with a fully-featured, data-rich training room.
  • Combo and Target Challenges – Test your skills in character-specific sets of combo trials and target-smashing obstacle courses.
  • Pixel Lobby – An online visual lobby system that sets players free to interact and explore in a top-down overworld with nostalgic style. Customize your avatar with cosmetic items collected through various single-player and multiplayer modes.
  • Salt Mines – A unique melding of fighting game and dungeon crawl that pits Pixel Lobby players against waves of predators and each other in a contest of glory… and hats!
  • Story Mode (currently in development) – An episodic adventure where players travel with each champion in their quest to recover a magical key that will save the world of Fœnum from vicious predators. Chapter 1 will be available with the release of version 1.0. Subsequent chapters will be added in the months following, free of charge.

You can pick up the game here on Steam.

Check out the launch trailer below:

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