The Tournament of Shmixture Part 1 Results & Part 2 Info

By on August 14, 2020

The first Skullgirls 10 vs 10 exhibition match of the Tournament of Schmixture series has shown a strong first showing. The two teams between Team West coast and Team Midwest started strong keeping it even throughout the set.



Dawn Hibiki opened the lead for Team West Coast to a staggering 6-3 lead. This came to end when Team Midwest sent in the captain of the team, Gelato, to do a full sweep to the remaining players of Team West Coast.

The final score between the two teams ended up 10-6 in favor of Team Midwest.

If you missed watching part 1, you can watch it right now over at keninblack’s twitch channel at


The Shmixture Part 2

The tournament series continues as we get ready for Team East Coast vs Team South Side this Sunday at 7pm pst on The team members that will be facing off will be:

Team East Coast

  • Keninblack (NJ/VA) Team Captain
  • EG Dekillsage (NYC)
  • Outlaw_Spike (MD)
  • Raz (PA)
  • Triviality (NYC)
  • Cloud (NJ)
  • MPGame (MD)
  • PME (NJ)
  • EG Sonicfox (NYC/DE)
  • Warped_Echo (CT)


Team South Side

  • Bonanze (FL) Team Captain
  • CubanChris (TX)
  • LalitoTV(MX)
  • Shakeyfingers (AR)
  • Swiftfox-Dash (TX)
  • Aeroshire (TX)
  • iDante(TX)
  • Rabbleflaggers (FL)
  • Socks (FL)
  • Turvon (FL)

Each team has a lot of heavy hitters ranging from EVO, and Combobreaker champions to strong up and coming players. One thing is for sure, if you enjoyed the set between Team West Coast vs Team Midwest, this will be a set you do not want to miss.

Written and submitted by Clawmaster

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