The Last Blade 2 Roll Back is Currently Beta Testing

By on April 23, 2020

The age of a fully roll back net code fighting game future is starting to look more like reality as the days go on. The future is a bit unclear though when it comes to the older fighting games that just got the delay-based code stuck onto them. Thanks to SNK, yet another classic fighter will be given new life by getting the roll-back treatment in The Last Blade 2.

The Last Blade 2 is a classic 2D weapon based fighter set in Japan during the late Edo period. This game was a bit of a spiritual successor to Samurai Shodown but had a more traditional combo system. You were able to choose between two fighting styles; Speed and Power. Speed allowed you to chain certain buttons and also gave you access to a custom “speed combo”. Power mode gave you extra damage on attacks and granted you access to a Super Desperation move that did massive damage. The series wasn’t as widely received as some other fighters, but a few characters did become more notable like Hibiki, who made an appearance in Capcom vs SNK 2.

The roll back implementation is done by Code Mystics. They’ve been working on implementing roll back for several classic SNK titles like King of Fighters 97: Global Match, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and now The Last Blade 2. The work for TLB2 is currently in beta, but those at home can play the it now.

You can use the beta code ” StayAtHome2020″ to get your hands on this beta at the time of this writing.


Check out the full official announcement below:



Code Mystics has officially rolled out these changes for both the PS4 and Steam version of the game. Here is their official announcement below:


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