The Importance of Having Fighting Game Friends

Pat Miller shows the merit of having training buddies and win more friends
By on June 3, 2020

Fighting Games are often seen and talked about as a solo endeavor. You are solely responsible for the accolades and defeats that you face on your journey.

Patrick “pattheflip” Miller is a game developer, writer, and Jiu Jitsu aficionado that blogs about learning fighting games. He preaches the good word of playing Guilty Gear and uses the game as a medium for teaching fighting game fundamentals and the psychological aspects of high level play.

Pat argues in this essay that fighting with friends has a ton of practical benefits like being able to strategize as a group, having them check you on your bad habits, and shared accountability. These practical benefits also come with some great social benefits of having friends with a common goal and passion. He also gives some great advice on how to use the common interest of fighting games to win over some new friends.

You can read the full article on his Medium blog page here.

But if you prefer the sultry sound of Pat’s voice you can check out the video version here:

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