The Full SoulCalibur World Tour 2020 Schedule Has Been Revealed

By on January 25, 2020

After the announcement of the SoulCalibur World Tour starting at EVO Japan, fans have been wondering where else the tour will be headed. The wait is finally over and now the full schedule is revealed however the World Tour Finals location is still yet to be decided.

The World Tour will consist of tiered events that grant different levels of points and prize money to the winners. Edge Master events will have a $5000 bonus pot and Critical Edge placers will receive a bonus $1000.

See the full schedule here below:

EVO Japan (Edge Master)

  • Jan. 24–26
  • Tokyo, Japan

Final Round 2020 (Critical Edge)

  • Mar. 20–22
  • Atlanta, GA, USA

The Mixup (Edge Master)

  • Apr. 18–19
  • Lyon, France

Combo Breaker (Edge Master)

  • May 22–24
  • Schaumburg, IL, USA

BAM12 (Critical Edge)

  • May 29–31
  • Melbourne, Australia

CEO 2020 (Critical Edge)

  • Jun. 26–28
  • Orlando, FL, USA

VS Fighting X (Critical Edge)

  • Aug. 21–23
  • UK

Rev Major (Critical Edge)

  • TBD
  • Philippines

World Finals

  • TBD

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