The Fighting Game Community Shows Off Its Other Talents Amid Pandemic

By on April 9, 2020

When a group of people get together and call themselves the Fighting Game Community, it’s natural that they should share an interest in fighting games. But the FGC has never been a one-trick pony. The community has a huge talent pool that extends across all manner of skills, and those other skills are starting to emerge as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

We at toptier have already reported on the spell-your-main challenge from Untechable Performance, which is helping to grow the #fitFGC by keeping players in shape. Another example is Nickolas “Nicky” Iovene’s recent call to all of the musicians in the FGC. Iovene has been a top Killer Instinct player for years, but he’s also a guitarist. He’s asking other instrumentalists in the FGC to post their own work, and so far nearly twenty people have responded.

Then there’s Terry “hagure” McCall, the co-director of AnimEVO. In addition to sharing Darkstalkers tech, McCall has started a Discord for FGCers who want to share their knowledge of the tech industry. The FGC Tech Discord will be open not only to people who are already in software or IT but also to people who want to break into those fields.

Contributions like Iovene’s and McCall’s don’t directly touch on fighting games, but they speak volumes about the true worth of the FGC. Even in these trying times, the community isn’t fraying or drifting apart. Instead, it’s becoming stronger as people form new friendships and gain new colleagues. In our community, we learn and grow together, and it’s uplifting to see us continuing that tradition in the face of a truly historical set of challenges.

If you’re into fitness, music, or tech – or if you want to learn more about those things – reach out to Untechable Performance, the #fitFGC, Iovene, or McCall on Twitter. And if you don’t see your hobbies represented, be the one who puts out the call! No matter what you’ve been doing to keep yourself sane and strong during the pandemic, there are other FGCers who would be thrilled to work right alongside you.

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