The Discussion is a New SoulCalibur VI Community Centered Podcast

By on September 3, 2020

The SoulCalibur community is stepping up with their content to discuss and showcase their game.

The SoulCalibur community a small but tight knit group of players all over the world, the major regions of the game being France, USA, Japan, and Singapore. The scene has slowly been growing due to the high praise of the game’s quality and great developer support from the producer, Motohiro Okubo, and his team at Bandai Namco. The scene hit a fever pitch with the announcement of an official world tour but was sadly canceled due to the global pandemic. So now the community has been banding together to run online tournaments and the official SoulCalibur Online Challenge.

The podcast consists of four SoulCalibur players talking about all things SC: Kashi, King Tomahawk, NovaMage, and Lolo. These players know the game at a high level (especially Lolo who won Final Round 2019 and placed 3rd in the SC World Invitational) and give some great insight on how to approach and get better at the game.

Some topics the discussion goes over are:

  • Opinions on the current state of SC VI
  • How to adapt in the game
  • Thoughts on Setsuka, the latest DLC character
  • Online vs Offline events
  • Best memories of SC VI so far

Check out the full VOD of the podcast below:

Be sure to support the SCVI crew by subscribing to the YouTube here and Twitch here.

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