Terry Bogard Announced for King of Fighters XV

Everyone's favorite trucker hat brawler returns on Team Fatal Fury
By on March 18, 2021

Terry Bogard has been officially announced to be in King of Fighters XV.

Terry is the older brother of Andy Bogard and is the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury Series. In Fatal Fury, Terry witnesses Geese Howard murder his father at the age of ten and vows to avenge him. He trains in martial arts with his brother for the next decade for that fateful day.

Terry is back with all of his signature moves like the Burn Knuckle, Rising Tackle, and Crack Shoot. But this iteration also comes with this power dunk move that can act as a secondary anti air and combo ender. The trailer also shows off his new climax move which is an awesome looking Ryu style Shin Shoryuken utilizing his Power Geyser.

The trailer also has some extensive footage of the in-game battle system. The clips help to confirm a few things like canceling specials into supers and definitively confirming being able to use EX moves outside of MAX mode.

Check out the reveal trailer here below:

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