Tekken 7 Version 3.30 Patch Notes

By on March 23, 2020

Tekken 7 version 3.30 is upon us with the inclusion of feature additions, character balances, and Fahkumram.

Check out all of the official patch notes here below:

Feature Changes

The following features have been adjusted in the version 3.30 update.

  • Balance adjustments for certain characters
    • Punish Training all on/off toggle added. Total damage displayed for sample combos.
    • When a crouching state is induced from a hit or a blocked attack, an icon representing this has been added to Frame Advantage.
    • The letters now turn blue when your status reflects being able to avoid low and special mid attacks.
    • Fixed bug in which unintended information was displayed in certain circumstances.
    • Tips advising when certain attacks can be avoided by crouching have been added to recommended punishes.
  • Customization items added
    • Bearded Man’s Suit and Bearded Man’s Sunglasses have been added for Akuma and Geese.
    • T-Shirt (I LOVE JULIA) has been added.

Character Changes

Source: Bandai Namco, Avoiding the Puddle

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