TEACH ME – The Intermediate to Advanced Tekken Training Series

King Jae's series ups your Tekken game to get ready for the next battle
By on August 12, 2020

TEACH ME is the Tekken training series for intermediate and advanced players by King Jae.

King Jae is a player, content creator, and streamer that focuses on teaching fighting games. This YouTube series goes over . What makes these tutorials a cut above is the inclusion of top level players providing information about their own main characters. The character tutorials goes over things like key moves, grabs, set ups, and other character specific items.

The star studded cast of top players assisting with the tutorials speaks volumes of the quality information in these videos. The list includes big names like Arslan Ash, Cuddle Core, Joey Fury, Pokchop, Kkokkoma, and many more.

Check out his trailer that shows the full roster of top players he’s collaborated with on this project:

Be sure to support King Jae by subscribing to his YouTube and Twitch channel.

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