Talent vs. Hard Work – What Matters More for Being Good at Fighting Games?

By on June 18, 2020

The debate of hard work vs. talent is long running argument that hasn’t really found a true conclusion. The same debate rages on for the greatest of fighting game players and which of these traits got them up there. But Maximilian puts his stake down to say there is only one answer to this debate (at least when it comes to fighting games).

Maximilian is a variety Twitch streamer that plays action titles, RPG’s, and a lot of fighting games. He was best known for his Assist Me! Youtube series that taught how to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 with fun skits. Now he streams a variety of titles with his bombastic reactions and keen insight on games to his fan base.

Max argues that there really is no real natural talent when it comes to becoming the best. He says he’s never seen anyone that trains for a week under pros never even look competent. There are just so many aspects of fighting games to master that it’s nearly impossible for someone to be competent at all of them right off the bat.

Check out the full video here below:

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But let us know what you think about this argument, do you agree with Max that there is no such thing as talent? Or is there natural talent but it needs to be cultivated?

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