“Super” Joe Munday’s Beginner’s Guide To Running Online Tournaments

The r/StreetFighter mod gives his suggestions for keeping the competition hot during COVID-19
By on March 19, 2020

We all know by now that attending in-person events is going to be risky for some time. No matter how safely we ourselves behave, we can never guarantee that our fellow competitors will do their part. Moreover, we may not even be able to attend any events in person due to legal restrictions on gatherings. So what are we to do for competition? Are organizers supposed to just hope that their scenes can come back together once the danger has passed?

According to “Super” Joe Munday, the head moderator of r/StreetFighter, there’s a better option: start an online tournament. He’s successfully run an online Street Fighter “local” for years, and he shares what he’s learned in a new beginner’s guide to running online events. His document covers rules, communication, staffing, promotion, and more. Organizers should expect to have a learning curve with online competition, but Munday’s advice will help people to traverse that curve quickly. So if you’re looking for a way to continue to serve your local Fighting Game Community in these fraught times, check out the Beginner’s Guide to Running an Online Tournament here, then connect with Munday on Twitter so that you can share your experiences with the online format.


Here’s a follow up video that Joe has made about what to expect when running online tournaments:

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