SoulCalibur VI Version 2.30 Patch Notes

By on December 1, 2020

SoulCalibur VI has just dropped their latest update with version 2.30!

This update comes with the Korean stance dancing Hwang sporting some Bloodborne-esque attire. Hwang was a student of the Seong dojo to learn to learn to use the long sword. He ventured to seek the Soul Edge which was deemed as “Sword of Salvation” in Korea, but cut his journey short when he received news of an impending Japanese invasion of his homeland. He later finds out that the sword is evil and decides to assist Yun-Seong and Seong Mi-na who are looking to destroy the blade. His last appearance was in SoulCalibur III.

According to the official patch notes Hwang uses talismans to utilize “lifeforce techniques” that will let him attack units from afar, despite being a primarily close range combat character. The mechanic comes with a lifeforce meter shown as a number below the health gauge and can range from -9 to +9. If Hwang ends a round with his life force below 0, he will have reduced life at the start of the next round.

General Changes

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 13

DLC Pack 13 adds Hwang as a playable character.

Hwang will be available from December 2nd.

Hwang is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 14

DLC Pack 14 adds Character Creation Set F

Creation Parts Set F will be available on December 2nd.

Character Creation Set F is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Additional Creation Items

The following equipment will be added and available to all players.

[Seong Mi-na’s creation parts from the previous titles]

  • Long Blade
  • Peony Headband
  • Peony Earrings
  • Peony Hair Accessory
  • Peony Tunic
  • Peony Armlets
  • Peony Wrap
  • Peony Socks
  • Peony Boots
  • Peony Undergarments

Additional Creation Items [Compensation]

As a means of apology for the issue of the rank points going back to the previous points in the STEAM version, the following creation parts will be available for everyone after installing this update.

*Apart from “Short Untidy”, the following parts were gender exclusive parts but will be specially made applicable to both male/female characters this time.

(New parts for male characters)

  • Short Untidy

(Parts for male characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Partial Shadow Visor
  • Cyclone Earrings

(Parts for female characters made applicable to male/female characters)

  • Warlock’s Tricorne
  • Destruction Mask
  • Strategist’s Masquerade
  • Dvapara-Yuga
  • Redemption Long Stole
  • Destruction Necklace
  • Truth-Seeker Stola
  • Warrior’s Prayer Beads
  • Raging Seas Wristband
  • Destiny Gloves
  • Cataclysm Gauntlets
  • Purge Gauntlets
  • Truth-Seeker Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Gauntlets
  • Allegiance Pauldrons

Additional Stages

The following stages will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Motien Pass Ruins

We will also add 4 arranged stages, which are time specific version of the following existing stages which change depending on time:

  • Shrine of Eurydice (Evening)
  • Master Swordsman’s Cave (Evening)
  • Silver Wolves’ Haven (Daytime)
  • Murakumo Shrine Grounds (Night)

Battle Adjustments

  • A change will be made to prevent parts on the middle of the body getting destroyed with a specific input while Kilik is being soul charged.
    *For details regarding the command, please see the “Kilik” section here.
  • An icon that indicates whether “Wind Bearer” is activated or not will be added to the battle screen display.
  • Performance fixes and balance adjustments will be made for certain actions in battle.
  • Due to the balance adjustments, the contents of “Fighting Style Lessons” in “MUSEUM” will be updated.
    *For details, please check here.

Additional Functions

  • Mitsurugi and Nightmare’s new side stories will be added to “Story: Soul Chronicle”.
    *These stories will be unlocked after completing particular episodes.
  • The “5 bars “setting will be added to the “opponent’s network condition” when selecting the matching condition in “RANKED MATCH”.
  • In “RANKED MATCH” and “CASUAL MATCH”, a player will be able to go back with the cancel button when selecting a menu during consecutive battles.
  • In “CASUAL MATCH”, we will change the sound when entering rooms to make it more noticeable to players.
  • In “CREATION”, a number will be displayed to the slider that adjusts the position of the sticker.
  • In “TRAINING”, the health setting section will be added.
  • In “TRAINING”, a player will be able to check the move list of the opponent’s character.
  • In “TRAINING”, an icon will be added to the move list menu.
  • In “TRAINING”, the timing to start replaying the registered key record will become faster.
  • In “TRAINING”, a player will be able to go back to “TRAINING” carrying over the data of the previous character and stage if a match is played from the standby setting.
  • In “TRAINING” and “REPLAY”, “Command input history” will not disappear even if a player opens the pause menu.
  • In “REPLAY”, the display “To the Next Round” will not be erased even if the winner is decided in the round being played.
    * This change will be made to prevent players from knowing whether or not the match will end during the round.

Game System Adjustments

  • Some text errors have been fixed.
  • Stability has been improved for certain actions, etc.


  • The settings of some creation parts will be changed to disable wearing them together with certain parts.
    • “Tiger Lily Gauntlets” will not added to Inferno’s equipment lineup.
      *While we try our hardest to avoid limiting possible customization options, we feel such a change is necessary to prevent character models from displaying incorrectly. We kindly ask for your understanding.
    • The “Wretch’s Helmet” and “Harmit’s Hood” can no longer be worn together.
      * Since this is a combination that does not display both parts when worn together, the change will not affect the variations of appearance that can be created.
  • The settings of some stickers will be changed.
    • We will fix the issue that the sample image color and the default color of the sticker “Motif 115” are different.
    • We will fix the issue that changing the second color of the sticker “Motif 126” affects the color of the entire sticker.
  • The following issue will be addressed.
    • We will fix the issue that the appearance of the character’s eyelids becomes unnatural when they wear “Pegasus Sallet”.

BAN policies for players who violate the EULA (End User License Agreement) 

We will enforce bans on players who have been confirmed to have violated the EULA that is agreed upon when they first play the game. Please note that players who are repeatedly reported to have violated the EULA are subject to the ban once we confirm such violation has actually taken place.

We are continuously checking and investigating other unexpected issues. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Character Adjustments


In the version 2.30 balance adjustments, tracking was weakened for some vertical attacks, a change that greatly affected Mitsurugi. Previously, his offensive strategy has centered around using 3B when he has a great advantage over the opponent to make the move unavoidable by moving to the side. With the new version’s changes, the move can be avoided in many more situations. To counter this, Mitsurugi needed a new way to break through the opponent’s defense. With this in mind, we’ve strengthened Mitsurugi’s horizontal attacks in version 2.30 to give him more opportunities to go on the offensive. The mid-range “During Mist A” and the close range “6A, A” are both effective starting moves. “During Mist while soul charged B, A+B” can now be comboed from “4[A]” to deal lots of damage to opponents trying to move sideways. We’ve also increased the damage dealt by Mitsurugi’s throws, which were a bit weaker compared to other characters, making them more viable options against opponents moving to the side or performing a standing guard.


Seong Mi-na


In line with overall adjustments in version 2.30, we’ve made adjustments to slightly limit Seong Mi-na’s offensive power while soul charged. Her intense soul charged offensive using “6A” and “1B” was difficult to counter, so we’ve increased the amount soul charge time decreases. Version 2.20’s adjustments lowered the power of Mi-na’s close-range game, but in version 2.30, we’ve given her new lethal hit conditions that better fit the playstyle of a power-focused character. If a player adjusts their strategy around this, she can be effective up close while meeting lethal hit conditions. Lethal hits can also grant soul gauge, which will allow more chances to use soul charge, critical edges, and soul attacks. This is a character who excels at mid to long range, so we’ve strengthened “6kA” as a horizontal attack that can be used easily at a distance, and made “6K” more viable as an option for escaping from close range.



Taki’s balance adjustments focused around improving her rushdown in her Possession stance and adjusting her ring-out abilities during combos. “During Possession 2 or 8B” has the special ability to return Taki to Possession stance after attacking, so we’ve lowered its risk on guard to make it a viable offensive option. In addition, “During Possession 2 or 8” is now more effective against opponents’ vertical attacks, and “During Possession B+K” is more effective against guard impacts, allowing Taki to put on the pressure while in Possession. We’ve also added a lethal hit for “During Possession 4A+G”, which is a good option for breaking the opponent’s guard. Limiting Taki’s mid-combo ring-out abilities has been a goal since version 2.25. However, the adjustments made to “Stalker Drop” in the previous version sometimes made the player ring-out on themselves, so we’ve removed these changes and instead decreased the forward movement of “4B, A” and the distance between the character and the opponent when “3K, K” lands.



Maxi’s specialty is rushing down the opponent using his stance-shifting action Seven Stars Rebirth, and once all seven stars of the Big Dipper have been acquired, he can enter a powerful state called Seven Stars Severance. However, using Seven Stars Severance effectively required deep understanding of this character, and it would also be very difficult to meet the conditions of Seven Stars Severance against opponents who had thoroughly prepared for fights against Maxi. In version 2.30, Maxi can now gain stars by landing “A+B” or his soul attack, allowing more chances to activate Seven Stars Severance. We’ve also strengthened “During Right Cross K”, which is a crucial move for using Seven Stars Rebirth; it now has longer reach and a faster start-up to make it more useful as a counterattack after evading the opponent’s attack with Seven Stars Rebirth. It can also combo from Maxi’s soul attack, making it an effective starting point for going on the offensive. The main attack “During Left Outer B, K” can be canceled with G, which reduces the risk of Right Cross. To further bring out the differences between stances, the damage of low attacks against opponent’s with low health has been adjusted;  we’ve lowered the power of “2A+B” and “During Neutral Guard K, K”, and strengthened “Behind Lower K, K”.



In version 2.30, we focused our adjustments around three goals: make mind games with Mantis Crawl easier to understand, make it easier to fight without stances, and give Voldo more unique features to set him apart from other characters.

Mantis Crawl

When Voldo’s feet are facing his opponent, Mantis Crawl offers strong rushdown options, and when his head is facing them, it’s easier to open up the opponent’s guard. Up until now, the lethal hit of “During Mantis Crawl with head toward opponent 66” was a good way to break the opponent’s standing guard, but it was difficult for the opponent to counter this without having extensive knowledge of Voldo, so we’ve opted to change its lethal hit conditions in exchange for increasing its damage. Player can now enjoy a playstyle in which they can maintain a favorable position using the new horizontal attack while reading the opponent’s next move.

Mind Games without Stances

We’ve focused on facing away and further making it easier to rush down the opponent at close range. The third attack of “While facing away B, B, B” has now been changes, “Jumping while facing away [A]” can now keep Voldo facing away, and “While face away 6A” now has a faster start-up. All of these attack are effective in continuing Voldo’s offensive while his back is to the opponent.

Voldo’s Unique Abilities

Voldo now has a unique action that allows him to defend against an opponent’s attacks. After successfully evading with “A+K”, health and guard stamina will be restored, and “4[B]” which is useful for punishments will become a lethal hit. If the opponent tries to approach while soul charged, using Voldo’s attack can now decrease the opponent’s remaining soul charge time.



In version 2.30, balance and behavior adjustments were focused on limiting Sophitia’s ability to continue her offensive at low risk. Sophitia retains her characteristic middle horizontal attacks “3A” and “33 or 66 or 99A”, but the latter, which can be performed at low risk, now deals less damage and has a lower move level, while the former has been strengthened; it is now more important to be able to use each one at different times. “33 or 66 or 99B+K” has seen several adjustments to make it a new option for mid-range battle, such as a higher base damage to allow it to win against revenge attacks and a counter hit that’s easier to confirm. To increase the viability of some throw moves, we’ve made some lethal hit conditions less strict and improved back and left side throws. We’ve increased the risk of misreading the opponent’s movement while using “6A+B” by treating it as a counter hit if the opponent aims for the opening created by that move.



For Siegfried, the version 2.30 balance adjustments centered around giving him more options in battle by improving his lesser-used moves. We focused on improving the close-range game of Side Hoold, which didn’t have many opportunities to be used compared to other special stances. Move commands like “[A]” and “4B+K” can now shift into stance attacks even faster than before. “During Side Hold B” now has a faster start-up allowing it to more easily punish enemies to missed an attack. We’ve also improved “2B”, which is an effect move against enemies who try to approach at mid-range. “During Base Hold K” can now combo from “2[B]” when it lands as a counter hit, and with a faster start-up time, this move reinforces Siegfried’s defensive options.



In version 2.30, we made balance adjustments to further bring out Ivy’s unique abilities as a character who excels at mid and long range. We’ve shortened the opening after the ranged poke attack “K6”, making it more viable for limiting the opponent’s movements. If “[A]6” lands as a counter hit, it can combo into “8B+K, K” during a stance. Additionally, the 3rd attack of “B, B, B” can now place distance between Ivy and the opponent upon hit or guard, bringing the fight back to long range. If Ivy KO’s an opponent with a critical edge, “33 or 99K” will now become a lethal hit. This move only leaves a small opening while dealing a lot of damage, making it a very good tool at the end of a match. Using “33 or 99K, 4” to “22 or 88A” and “While soul charged 66K, K” have had their combo damage lowered.



In version 2.30, all characters deal less damage while soul charged. However, Kilik relies on his soul charged abilities, so we’ve made additional adjustments to support his playstyle. While soul charged, Kilik gradually loses health over time; because of this, players sometimes hesitate to use his soul charge. To address this, we’ve made it so that once Kilik’s health reaches a certain point, the rate of health consumption slows, allowing him to fight for a longer time. Also, certain soul charge moves can now harness the power of Kali-Yuga to absorb the opponent’s energy to restore Kilik’s health upon hit or guard. With these new elements, soul charge should prove to be an even greater asset for Kilik.



Xianghua’s moves have some of the fastest start-up in the game. Because of this, she generally deals less damage with her attacks, but from version 2.20 onward, some of her moves have been adjusted to deal more damage. The move level of “6B” has increased, lowering the risk of using it even if the opponent performs a guard impact.  On counter hit, it can combo into a crouching throw for more damage. “3B+K” now deals more damage, making it more useful in many situations, such as when anticipating an opponent’s revenge attack or in an air combo at the edge of the stage. “During Silent Xia Sheng A+B6” is now categorized as a horizontal attack. This attack while in Silent Xia Sheng and Playful Xia Sheng is effective against opponents trying to dodge to the side and have low risk upon guard. The move can also dodge vertical attacks, allowing Xianghua to avoid attacks that can interrupt her stances  and continue her offensive upon hit or guard.



While Yoshimitsu excels at close range, he doesn’t perform well when trying to approach from mid to long range. Version 2.30 focuses on this weakness, adding improvements to certain distance-closing moves when they are guarded. We’ve increased the amount of stun inflicted by “22 or 88 or 11 or 44 or 77B+K” and “During Flea A” upon guard. Previous, “33 or 66 or 99B+K” would make contact with a guarding opponent faster than intended; this has been fixed, slowing down the time at which guarding is complete and giving Yoshimitsu less of a disadvantage. Making contact with the opponent with any of these moves can now lead more easily into a close range fight. Additionally, he has more options for attacking and can now outwit opponents watching for “During Flea A” by using “During Flea B+K”. Since Yoshimitsu now has an easier time putting pressure on the opponent, we’ve limited the ring-out properties of “During Manji Dragonfly A” by reducing the distance the opponent is knocked back upon hit.



In version 2.30, Nightmare’s adjustments had three goals: to make his soul attack more viable, to improve battles between high-level players, and to limit the power of moves that could be used to overwhelm opponents not used to fighting against him. As the wielder of Soul Edge, Nightmare has a soul attack that sets him apart from the rest of the roster. In previous versions, his soul attack could be activated while soul charged to extend soul charge time, but this version has made the move more practical by removing its time extension ability and instead allowing it to be used while soul charged without consuming soul gauge. It can be used as a counterattack with long reach or as a follow-up after “While crouching A+B”, making it a very effective tool for crushing the opponent’s guard while Nightmare is soul charged. “1A” and “Dire Vengeance”,  which activates after a successful revenge attack, tended to overwhelm opponents unfamiliar with Nightmare, so their damage has been decreased. On the other hand, Nightmare tended to suffer in high-level matches against opponents with low-risk pokes. To address this, we’ve adjusted some light attacks like “3K” to make them easier to use, and added two horizontal attacks: “11 or 44 or 77[A]”, which is powerful at long range, and “K6”, which can stop opponents from moving to the side at close range.



In version 2.30, Astaroth’s lesser-used moves have been improved and some behavior adjustments have been made. In the new version, we’ve changed the situation following a successful grapple break against a command throw and adjusted behavior after deflecting a throw with a reversal edge for all characters. Because of these changes, Astaroth had a harder time maintaining the offensive power he had in version 2.25. With this in mind, we’ve strengthened “4B+K”, “4[K]” and “While soul charged 4A, A” to help Astaroth keep the pressure on opponents with a solid guard. Version 2.25 saw adjustments made to his opening when throw attacks like “236A+G” are deflected by reversal edges, but this had a bigger effect on some characters than intended. To address this, the opening that was decreased in the previous version has been lengthened slightly in version 2.30.



In version 2.30, we’ve made balance adjustments to some moves that were difficult to use, and adjusted damage for a handful of different moves. “214B (fast)” is a crucial move in Cervantes’ combos. However, it was difficult to input, creating a psychological wall for beginner and intermediate players who wanted to use Cervantes, so we’ve lengthened the input window slightly. It was also difficult to meet the lethal hit condition for “22 or 88[B]”, so we’ve sped up its start-up to make the lethal hit easier to use in battle. “K6” is an effective move for stopping the opponent’s approach, but its damage was too high for a low-risk move, so we lowered its damage. However, we’ve increased the stun inflicted on the oponent by “bK” when guarded, making it a much better tool for approaching the opponent. It should prove useful in pushing the opponent toward a wall.



In accordance with the general adjustments of version 2.30, all characters’ unique defensive actions now come with extra risk. In addition, the defensive properties of “B+K” started quickly and could even counterattack while evading break attacks, which made the move incredibly strong. To balance this, the move will now consume guard stamina upon activation. At the same time, the player now earns soul gauge when successfully evading the opponent’s attack. This makes it easier to fulfill the lethal hit condition of “During Quick Parade K”, which are based on the number of successful uses of “B+K”. With some skill and practice, there should be more chances to use the move in the current version than in version 2.25 or lower. Additionally, the new battle mechanics introduced in Season 2 made Raphael harder to use because the existence of “B+K” lowered the importance of his resist impact. To fix this, we’ve made it possible to fulfill lethal hit conditions with “6K”, Soul attacks can now hit downed opponents, making them more useful as follow-ups and for okizeme.



Talim is one of the characters greatly affected by the weakening of vertical attack tracking implemented in version 2.30. We’ve made changes to the act of shifting to Wind Charmer when canceling a reversal edge, so the action now consumes a small amount of soul gauge. In version 2.30, balance adjustments focused on effectively making use of Talim’s unique close-range playstyle that isn’t centered around speed. The Wind Bearer mechanic was added for this purpose. By fulfilling certain conditions, Talim imbues herself with the powers of the wind spirit Mabilis, and some of her moves power up into “Wind Bearer Techniques”. These techniques not only improves the attack, but they also restore health when used. Additionally, the Wind Fury stance is now more important in battle. It can be used to activate Wind Bearer, so we’ve added the move “During Wind Fury B+K” and made adjustments to Talim’s soul attack and “2A+B” to make it easier to shift into Wind Fury.



Version 2.30 adjustments to Tira focused on bringing out her unique playstyle using her personality changes. In accordance with the overall adjustments in this version, we’ve changed the 3rd attack of “While Jolly B, B, B”, which is an important command, but was difficult to use in some situations. The 3rd attack of this move now  has a set chance to switch personalities, and “B, B” can now be used to shift to Gloomy. Jolly generally lacks soul-charged options for keeping up the offensive, so the 3rd attack now becomes a break attack when performed while soul charged. “While Jolly 4A” can be used in air combos, etc, to link to “4K”, making it a valuable tool in triggering personality changes. We’ve adjusted the move so that all of its hits will land reliably even if the move lands at a distance. The changes made to “B, B, B” now make it easier to trigger a personality change.



Zasalamel has shown a big difference in strength in the center of the stage vs. at the edge of  the stage; with this in mind, we’ve lowered his ability to knock the opponent out of the ring behind him, and improved his guard crushing ability at the center of the stage. “6A+G, B” and “4A+G” are two options for grapple break commands, and Zasalamel was able to knock the opponent out of the ring behind him by landing either move. Balance adjustments so far have been made with this in mind, but because Zasalamel’s guard crushing ability at the center of the stage was reduced, it was difficult to exhibit his full potential in stages where characters can’t be knocked out of the ring. In exchange for “6A+G, B” being unable to throw the opponent out of the ring in version 2.30, it can now be followed up with more attacks, and it is more effective at dealing a lot of damage and crushing the opponent’s guard, especially on opponents inflicted with curses. In exchange for lowering Zasalamel’s ability to throw the opponent out of the ring behind him, we’ve strengthened “33 or 66 or 99kB” as an attack that can curse an opponent while pushing them. The 1st hit is a horizontal attack and can curse the opponent if it lands while they are moving to the side, increasing the chances to activate sorcery.



As part of the version 2.30 battle mechanics adjustments, the power of soul charge has been lowered. Grøh has a high affinity with his soul charge, so we’ve adjusted his moves to add to his unique playstyle and highlight his appeal. When Groh activates soul charge or uses a soul attack while his health is low, his health and guard stamina will slightly be restored. We’ve also added “236K”, which consumes soul gauge but has a quick startup and high damage. With the right timing, it can be used to unleash a powerful combo or counterattack. Groh relies heavily on “While in Avenger stance A” to crush the opponent’s guard. Being able to predict this attack would give Groh’s opponents a significant advantage in battle. To mitigate this situation, we’ve reduced the damage dealth by “While in Avenger stance A” and added “1kB” as a new way of crushing the opponent’s guard.



Version 2.30 balance adjustments slightly lowered the power of soul charge while expanding options at mid-to-long range. As part of the overall battle mechanics adjustments, attack power during soul charge has been lowered. It was difficult for the opponent to take advantage of the risk of “While soul charged 8A+B”, so the move’s attack-evading properties have been weakened. However, “11 or 44 or 77A” now allows the character to move first upon guard. This should open up more offensive options when switching to Almighty mode with soul charge. Changed the opponent’s behavior when the 2nd attack of “During Comedy of Errors A, B” lands as a counter hit. Follow-ups are now possible when using the move in a stun combo, etc. In addition, a new lethal hit has been added providing new strategy options for matches. After landing a Weapon Art while in Spear mode, using “B+K, A” while no weapons are formed is a common choice. Now, using it twice will allow you to use a new lethal hit.



In the previous update, when we fixed an issue in which Geralt’s hitbox would shrink while he is in a guarding position, it created another issue in which hitboxes would appear during his soul charge and critical edge animations. We apologize for the long wait as we made our adjustments. We have now fixed the issue, as all characters should be able to launch their attack uninterrupted once they have shifted into these move animations. In addition to the fix above, we’ve focused mainly on strengthening Geralt’s horizontal attacks to make it easier to put pressure on the opponent after activating soul charge. Geralt’s soul attack has also been strengthened, giving it new uses such as in stun combos. The opening after Axii has been greatly decreased, making it easier to use when putting pressure on the opponent. This gives Geralt new attack options regardless of distance.



Just as in version 2.20, we’ve made balance adjustments to increase 2B’s attack options aside from Aggression Shift. It was difficult to deal a lot of damage with middle attacks, so we’ve mainly made adjustments to middle vertical attacks have been hard to use, such as decreasing the risk of “3B”. 2B’s counterattacking ability has been unreliable, so we’ve improved it to give her playstyle more variety. Improvements centered around the easy-to-use guaranteed punish “[B]” and “While crouching B+K”, which can be used as a counterattack after dodging a throw by crouching. Strengthened “3B+K” as a way to avoid the opponent’s high attacks. Made it easier to evade high attacks, improved reach, and lowered risk. Improved 2B’s patented “Counter Bomb”, making it more viable in battle. Made the letahl hit conditions for “33 or 66 or 99B+K” less strict. However, in accordance with overall adjustments in version 2.30, risk was increased failing to evade an opponent’s attack.



Up until now, Amy’s playstyle hasn’t had many options because the strategy of simply raising her Red Rose Perception is both powerful and easy to use. In version 2.30, Amy’s power at maximum Red Rose Perception was lowered, and lethal hits and soul charge have been made more viable for a more balanced playstyle. The lethal hits for “22 or 88B” and “33 or 66 or 99B+K” can now only be triggered once per match, but in exchange, the lethal hit condition have been made less strict. For soul charge, the new command “k6, B” was added to increase attack options when Perception levels are low. With the addition of “During Amaryllis Spin [A+B] or 4[A+G]” while soul charged, raising White Rose Perception is now easier and more viable as a battle strategy. However, the defense bonus granted at maximum White Rose Perception has been decreased. Strategies centered around Red Rose Perception remain strong, but these changes should better bring out Amy’s characteristic playstyle of slowly gaining control of the battle over time, then dominating the opponent at the end.



In version 2.30, the tracking of certain vertical attacks was weakened for all characters, but Cassandra was greatly affected by this change. Up until now, her offense using “6B, B” has been very effective when she has a huge advantage, but with “6B” now easier to evade by moving sideways in version 2.30, she needs some extra options. With this in mind, we’ve adjusted the horizontal attacks “6A, A” and “4A+B” to make them more viable. “During Divine Force and during Titanic Struggle A+B” wasn’t very useful before. It now grants a soul gauge bonus, which makes it a good way to secure resources in longer battles. “3A+B” is useful against opponents at a distance, but it was far too powerful for the close-range character Casandra, so combo damage scaling was added.



Hilde is a character who can maintain heavy pressure on her opponent with her focused attacks and Regalia Arts. Some of her moves have seen much more use than others, so in version 2.30, we’ve mainly made adjustments to commands that are easy to use. Her “2A” now has the same amount of opening as other characters, and in exchange, the middle horizontal attacks “3A” and “3K”, which only leave short openings, have been improved. For all characters, offensive power during soul charge has been lowered, so some of Hilde’s less useful soul charge techniques have undergone adjustments. “While soul charged 33 or 66 or 99B+K, B” and “While soul charged 33 or 66 or 99A, B” now chip away at the opponent’s guard stamina more easily, making them better options for crushing the opponent’s guard. Regalia Arts are all generally used often, but “6A, A, A” and “4A+B, A” weren’t as useful when Hilde has Sword Regalia. We’ve improved the properties of these moves so they can more easily begin an offensive.



With his powerful Rage system, Haohmaru can flip battles around in his favor. In version 2.30, we decided to emphasize his unique abilities and bring out some of the excitement of his SAMURAI SHODOWN playstyle by powering up his signature move “Iron Splitter” (B+K) during Max Rage and Rage Explosion. “11 or 44 or 77[B]” and “After reversal edge hits, B” were strengthened to compensate for the relative lack of benefits on a successful guard crush. Additionally, we’ve adjusted the difficult-to-use “Calm Blade” (4A+B) and “Solid Tackle” (623K) to give Haaohmaru’s playstyle more variety. “Solid Tackle” also gives great benefits when it is guarded during the second half of the attack’s duration, allowing for follow-up attacks. In accordance with overall adjustments, the defensive action “Deflect” now has higher risk when misreading the opponent’s moves.




Setsuka is a character who gains all kinds of powerful benefits from successfully performing difficult inputs. In exchange, her soul gauge was set to fill more slowly than other characters. However, her excellent counterattack and guard crushing abilities had her on the offensive much of the time, offsetting her soul gauge weakness. For this reason, we’ve slightly lowered the amount her soul gauge fills and weakened some moves that were very effective in counterattacking or crushing the opponent’s guard. In exchange, we’ve expanded Setsuka’s options by improving “33 or 66 or 99B+K, B” and her regular throw, and increased the soul gauge gain when successfully performing certain technical inputs. With these adjustments, Setsuka’s playstyle should better fit advanced players who put in a lot of practice.


Source: Bandai Namco

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