Soulcalibur VI Version 2.20 Patch Notes

By on August 3, 2020

The addition of Setsuka to the SoulCalibur VI roster comes with patch version 2.20.

To see the full list of detailed changes, you can download the PDF here.

You can read up on the summary and philosophy behind the changes below:

General Updates

The following changes and improvements will be part of the Version 2.20 update available on 8/3 for the PS4®, Xbox One, and Steam® versions of the game.

Please note that after updating the game, replay data for older versions will no longer be viewable due to adjustments made to battle mechanics.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 11 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

DLC Pack 11 adds Setsuka as a playable character.

Setsuka will be available on 8/4.

Setsuka is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC 12 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

DLC Pack 12 adds Character Creation Set E.

Character Creation Set E will be available on 8/4.

Character Creation Set E is included in Season Pass 2. Please be careful not to purchase the same content more than once.

Additional Creation Items (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following equipment and stickers will be added and available to all players.


– Yasha Hair Accessory (Flower)

– Yasha Hair Accessory (Comb)

– Fury Tail

– Yasha Gloves

– Yasha Kimono

– Yasha Undergarment

– Yasha Clogs

– Fundoshi


– Sticker 127

Additional Stages (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following stage will be added and available to all players.

– Murakumo Shrine Grounds

Battle Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

– Performance fixes and balance adjustments will be made for certain actions in battle.

– The “Fighting Style Handbook” in the Museum will be updated to reflect various balance adjustments.

You can view more information HERE.

-Additional Functions (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

– A new side story for Grøh will be added to Soul Chronicle that will be unlocked after finishing Grøh’s main story.

– A setting in the Character Creation mode will be added that toggles whether the character’s equipment will be destroyed during battle.

– Quick Character Selection will be added to Training mode.

– A feature to the options menu will be added that toggles whether or not actions performed after a match has ended will be displayed on screen.

This feature only applies to online battles.

-Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

– Some text errors have been fixed.

– Stability has been improved for certain actions, etc.

-CHARACTER CREATION Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

In order to prevent an error in which body parts become transparent, certain pieces of equipment can no longer be equipped together at the same time.

– “Destiny Lower Body Garment” and “Boxing Trunks” can no longer be equipped at the same time.

– “Crown Princess Attire” and “Raven Leather Leggings” can no longer be equipped at the same time.

– “Baihu Coat” and “Sword Demon Costume” can no longer be equipped at the same time.

While we try our hardest to avoid limiting possible customization options, we feel such a change is necessary to prevent character models from displaying incorrectly. We kindly ask for your understanding.

– “Rubber Mask” and “Oval Glasses” can no longer be equipped at the same time.

One of these items would not have displayed when equipped with the other anyway, so this change has no effect on visual customization options.

– “YoRHa Unit Number Two Standard Armor (White)” can no longer be equipped at the same time as “Nakoruru’s Dogi (Top)”.

This is due to an issue in which these parts would significantly clip through each other.

The black version of this equipment was already incompatible with “Nakoruru’s Dogi (Top)”, so the white version was adjusted to match.

Changes have been made to certain stickers.

– An issue in which stickers placed on “Padded Headgear” are visible on the opposite side they were placed has been fixed.

– An issue in which stickers cannot be placed near the backside of “Chinese Hat (Brimmed)” has been fixed.

(Other changes have been made as well.)

– An issue in which hair with the “Braided Half-Up Style” disappears when certain head equipment is equipped has been fixed.

– An issue in which Astaroth’s and Haohmaru’s abdomens become transparent if they are equipped with “Enlightened One’s Armor” has been fixed.

– The color palette for the 4th color-customizable place on “War Maiden’s Costume” has been changed, increasing customization options.

– “Kuroko’s Hood” was designed after stagehands in kabuki theater (called “kuroko”) who would never show their faces, and in consideration of that fact, the item was intentionally designed so it could not be broken. However, in version 2.20, players are now able to turn equipment breaking on or off, so “Kuroko’s Hood” is now treated as breakable equipment.

– An issue in which the angle of movement for “Seeker’s Earrings” and “Aristocrat Earrings” differs between Extra 1 and Extras 2 & 3 has been fixed.

BAN policies for players who violate the EULA (End User License Agreement)

We will enforce bans on players who have been confirmed to have violated the EULA that is agreed upon when they first play the game. Please note that players who are repeatedly reported to have violated the EULA are subject to the ban once we confirm such violation has actually taken place.


Battle Adjustments

Character Creation & Equipment Damage

  • Settings for equipment damage can now be adjusted from the Character Creation screen.
  • You can turn equipment damage off for any of 3 types of equipment: upper, middle, and lower.
  • The type(s) you choose will not break, even when hit by an opponent’s Lethal Hit, Critical Edge, etc.
  • However, player-controlled actions that break equipment are exempt from this setting.
    • Soul Charge for Kilik, Grøh, and Azwel
    • 2B’s “When at low health 6A+B+K”
    • Optional equipment damage for custom characters when holding a button to trigger soul charge

Guard Impact Against Projectile Attacks

  • Fixed an issue in which the hit count would decrease if the opponent performed a multiple-hitting projectile attack immediately after the character deflected a projectile attack with a guard impact.

8-Way Run (6 Direction)

  • Guard stamina recovers if a character performs an 8-way run forward for a set period of time. However, there was an issue in which stamina would recover even after a battle has ended. This has been fixed

Equipment Damage

  • Equipment will now no longer be damaged from attacks performed after a battle has ended

Certain Jump Attacks

  • The collision boxes for unique jump attacks, etc. extend vertically to prevent the opponent from clipping into the attacks, but the collision boxes would not return to normal if the attacks were stuffed. This has been fixed

Resist Impacts

  • Added an effect that reduces the opponent’s soul charge time.
    • This change applies to the universal Resist Impact (6B+K) only, not character-specific attacks with RI properties.
  • Fixed an issue in which the distance from the opponent after deflecting an attack with a “weak” move level would differ from that of normal guard impacts and Resist Impacts

Reversal Edge

  • Previously, holding “B+G” after successfully deflecting the opponent’s attack would cause the character to face toward the opponent, but we’ve lowered the move’s tracking to make it easier to evade with an 8-way run

Update for all characters

FX, Sound Voices, Camera Work

  • Made adjustments to all aspects of animations.

Parameters Carried Over into Battles

  • Made adjustments that prevent changes to the soul gauge, the hit count for certain attacks, and other parameters carried over into the following battle when commands are input for attacks after a battle has ended due to a K.O. or being knocked out of the ring. Changes under certain conditions may still occur, such as time running out or a battle ending in a draw.

Battle Stages

Destructible Walls

  • Walls will no longer be destructible from attacks performed after a battle has ended

City Ruins: Eternal Apocalypse

  • Fixed an issue in which an opponent could be knocked out of the ring during a critical edge’s animation.
  • Raised hit detection for low walls to match that in other stages, as it was somewhat lower compared to other stages.


Character Adjustments


Mitsurugi is a standard-strength character that can perform well in a variety of situations. In version 2.20, we’ve made some adjustments to expand his playstyle and make it more strategic, 2A+B has had its opening reduced and its damage increase, and it can now be used as a low-risk option against downed opponents, etc. Mitsurugi’s offensive options have been expanded thanks to the increase in power for the feint attack “4B” as well as a faster shift to Relic for “33 or 66 or 99A+B~G”

If the powerful low attack “1K, B” lands, pressing “B” at the very moment the first attack hits will increase your soul gauge. HOwever, if you wait to confirm that the 1st attack has hit and then perform the 2nd, the move will deal less damage.

In addition to the above changes, combos that were difficult to land at the edge of stages have been stabilized, and some hits/moves that dealt too much damage have been adjusted accordingly.


Seong Mi-na

Seong Mi-na excels at a distance, but she also has some powerful options up close against downed opponents. In version 2.20, we’ve shifted focus away from these close-range options and instead focused on mid range options, both increasing and decreasing the effectiveness of certain attacks to place more emphasis on spacing “2B K” now hits as a combo at a distance, and “2B+K” now allows for new combo routes when it hits from far away. These changes cater to a playstyle in which players have to more carefully manage their distance from the opponent.

Both “4[4]A” and “While crouching 1K, K” were used in powerful loops and as a way to make a comeback with a ring-out, but we’ve reworked their individual properties. “4[4]A” would be used to land a lethal hit on an opponent upon wakeup, but its start-up timing has been slowed down, now allowing the opponent to guard the attack if they’re expecting it. However, if they guard the tip of the attack, Seong Mi-na will be able to move first. Stopping after the 1st attack of “While crouching 1K, K” proved to be a powerful low-risk option, but the 1st attack will now no longer down the opponent upon normal hit.



Taki specializes in a close-range rushdown playstyle, and her unique Mekki-Maru attacks deal chip damage upon guard, setting her apart from other characters in the roster. In version 2.20, we’ve made adjustments to further highlight and add viability to this unique property.

We’ve improved the tracking for “Wind Roll” (6B+K) as well as reduced the distance from the opponent when “During Wind Roll A” is guarded. This will allow Taki to approach the opponent from a distance while chipping away at their health. The effective close-range attack “6A, A” now deals even more chip damage upon guard as well. “4A, K”, “6K, K”, and “1K, K” among other moves, have also been powered up, expanding the breadth of offensive options at close range.

“33 or 66 or 99 A+B” was added in season 2, and can now be interrupted with a guard impact, etc. if the 2nd hit is guarded, meaning Taki players will need to know when to hold the attack. The 3rd hit could previously be jump over by some characters, but this has been fixed.



In version 2.20, horizontal attacks performed while in special stances have been powered up to help maintain offensive pressure, and previously difficult-to-use attacks have been improved as well to expand attack options.

“During Right Outer A, K”, “During Left Outer A”, and “During Left Inner A” are all now lower risk upon guard, making it easier to pressure the opponent. Maxi struggles a bit ad mid range, but “33 or 66 or 99A” and “33 or 66 or 99K” have been improved and make the approach easier, Close-range moves like “6B, B, B” are also now lower risk.

“While in special stange B+G” and “During Seven Stars Severance & during Left Inner B” were added in season 2, but have been weakened due to the opponent having limited options to counter them. “While in special stance B+G” has had its impact effect duration reduced, and the opponent can now use a reverse impact against “During Neutral Guard A” when it is performed immediately after deflecting an attack. However, you can now start a combo with “During Neutral Guard B+K” against opponents who try to reverse impact, granting a huge payoff for mind games if played well.



In version 2.20, we made adjustments that focused primarily on mid-range play while facing forward. “22 or 88A” and “33 or 66 or 99B” are now stronger and “1K”, which is a low attack that increases the distance from the opponent upon hit, has had its start-up timing sped up, allowing you to cause problems for characters who specialize at close-range combat. “8A_B” can now be followed up upon counter hit, making it effective at countering opponents trying to approach you.

Using “Facing away [A+B]” after you knocked the opponent down, opponents had limited options to counter the move, so its tracking has been decreased and it is now easier to evade the attack by moving tot he side, performing a horizontal roll, or by performing an ukemi to the side, Additionally, “During Mantis Crawl with head toward opponent K, B” no longer knocks the opponent down unless the second attack is a counter hit, prevent mind games from being too one-sided.



Adjustments made to Sophitia focus primarily on three things: damage, soul charge-related attacks, and attacks that have seen little use.

Previously, Sophitia’s soul attacks dealt extremely high combo damage, and could immediately be followed up with powerful soul charge-related attacks. That strategy is still viable in version 2.20, but combos utilizing soul attacks have had their damage lowered, and the amount of soul charge time consumed while soul charged has been increased for attacks like “During Angel Step A+B” and “During Angel Step B+K”, to alleviate more one-sided matches.

“33 or 66 or 99A+B” is now less risky when guarded, and its animation has been adjusted to make it easier to hit an opponent during a back step; this is to deter opponents from trying to get out of Sophitia’s most effective range. “6B+K” has also been improved to make it more viable at both close and mid range. Additionally, new combo routes are possible “8B+K” is used to start combo that land as a counter hit or a guard crush.



In line with the universal changes made in version 2.20, moves like “3K~4” and “22 or 88A” are now harder to mix, and the hitboxes for “B~6” and “During Base Hold B” have been adjusted. As a middle horizontal attack, “3K~4” pushed the opponent far back upon guard and could also be used as a guard crush, meaning Siegfried was able to easily overwhelm any opponent who tried to approach. Adjustments were made to the move’s properties to address this.

The angle at which the opponent is pushed back by “4A” and “4K, K” has been changed as well. This was done to give Siegfried the advantage by allowing him to adjust both players’ standing positions with these two horizontal attacks. For “4K, K” in particular, Siegfried cannot be punished even if the 2nd attack of the move is guarded, making the move much more viable to use at a slight distance.

Previously, the start-up timing for “B~4” would be delayed based on when 4 was input, but the start-up will no longer vary based on input timing, and inputting “4” with exact timing will now deal more damage. The move is now a great way to punish opponents wary of horizontal attacks, as well as a more viable follow-up in combos.



Ivy possesses several powerful command throws, such as the long-reaching “3746916A+G”, which is difficult to escape via grapple break; the short-range “376231A+G”, which is impossible to escape via grapple break; and “3A_G”, which can grab the opponent from far away. Her playstyle focuses heavily on using long-range feint attacks to drain the opponent’s health and trick approaching opponents into falling for her various throws. Countering this playstyle required extreme skill, so in version 2.20, we’ve made adjustments to better balance the character.

The versaltile “33 or 66 or 99[A]” will no longer put distance between character when it lands against a crouching opponent, and the close-range middle attack will now work well with “6B, B”, or “6A+B”, etc. Improvements were made to mid-range feint attacks “A~4” and “[B]”, adding more variety to her options at mid to long range.

“3746916A+G”, “11 or 44 or 77B”, and “While rising B+K”, which were all effective at punishing opponents who escaped Ivy’s long-range dominance, have been weakened, but “1[B]” and “While crouching 3A+B” have been strengthened as a way to keep out approaching opponents.



Kilik’s main attack options have proved rather limited in battle, so in version 2.20, we’ve improved his vertical attacks to give him a more varied offensive.

Base damage for “33 or 66 or 99B” has been increased, and it can now beat out revenge attacks. The length of stun it inflicts upon hit has also been increased, making it easier to stay on the offensive after shifting to Monument. Previous, “B~6” was used to trigger a lethal hit, but land it as a counter hit at a distance will now allow for follow-ups and make the move more viable at mid range. The opening after the 1st and 2nd attacks of “While soul charged 4B, B, B, K” has been reduced to better maintain offensive pressure while soul charged. Even when playing more defensively, “B~4” allows for follow-ups upon hit and creates more opportunities to attack.



In line with the universal changes made in version 2.20, adjustments were made to “3B” and “While crouching 3B” to make them harder to hit opponents moving to the side. Additionally, adjustments were made to make the character overal more viable in battle. For example, the easy-to-use low attacks “3A” and “6B, A”, as well as combo moves “6K, A” and “6K, A+B”, now deal more damage, and “33 or 66 or 99K” now allows the character to get in close upon hit.

“4A+B” now draws the opponent in upon successful guard impact, and can now deal with an opponent’s mid-range poke attacks. “33 or 66 or 99B, B” and “During Hou Lee B” can now be used as approach option, offering new strategies in dealing with opponents with long reach.



Yoshimitsu’s ability to absorb soul gauge from the opponent has been improved with the addition of new commands in version 2.20. Moves like “A, A, A~B”, which is great for hitting opponents wary of the 3rd attack of “A, A, A”, and “While crouching 3[B]”, which serves as a counterattack after crouching under an opponent’s high attack, now absorb soul gauge upon hit. Additionally, soul gauge absorption move “aB” now has a quicker start-up, giving Yoshimitsu more chances to absorb soul-gauge.

Continuing to absorb soul gauge will allow throws “6A+G” and “6A+G, 6” to trigger lethal hits. Making contact with the opponent with these moves will prevent a grapple break and trigger a lethal hit, making them very effect late in battle (though Yoshimitsu might sacrifice some health to the opponent depending on their input).

“33 or 66 or 99B” will now allow for follow-up attacks upon counter hit, and combining it with “aB” will strengthen middle attacks and give more approach options. Finally, “A, A, A+B”, which dealt high wall combo damage, has had its combo damage adjusted.



Balance adjustments were made to help Nightmare play more like the powerhouse he was designed to be. Nightmare will now be able to move first when “agA”, “abA”, or “33 or 66 or 99A+B” are guarded. As Nightmare can move before his opponent, moves that have revenge properties, such as “6A”, “6B”, and “6K”, become much more effective.

Nightmare’s revenge attacks cannot protect him against low attacks, so “236A+G” and “11 or 44 or 77K” were adjusted to help him deal with them. “236A+G” is a guaranteed punishment when used after guarding a low attack that returns the opponent to a crouching position, and using “11 or 44 or 77K” against a low attack that return the opponent to a standing position will trigger a lethal hit. This will force the opponent to think twice about using a low attack, and make it easier to maintain and offensive with revenge attacks.



In version 2.20, adjustments were made primarily to lethal hits and soul charge mechanics for Astaroth. Astaroth specializes in throws, but opponents who perform grapple breaks often can be frustrating for him. To counter this, “6K” will now trigger a lethal hit after the opponent performs a grapple break 4 times instead of the previous 5, making it easier to use. Landing “11 or 44 or 77K” against an opponent who misses an attack with a “medium” move level will also trigger a lethal hit. This can be achieved by forcing the opponent to use a reversal edge to deflect an attack with a short opening, then using an 8-way run to evade their counterattack and punish them.

The amount of soul charge time consume by “4K”, “6B”, and “33 or 66 or 99K” while sour charged has been reduced, allowing Astaroth more time to keep on the offensive and pressure the opponent.



In version 2.20, we’ve made adjustments that both stabilize previously used air combos and allow for new combo routes.

Cervantes’ position with respect to the opponent has been stabilized for air combos that use “Facing away B+K” and “214B (fast)”. The height of the opponent is launched into the air by “While rising B” upon hit has been increased to stabilize follow-ups, and a faster start-up for “2B” means it can now be used as a follow-up after this attack lands. “2B” can also be used as a low-risk option outside of combos.

A trademark aspect of Cervantes’ playstyle is using walls, so to keep in line with that, “33 or 66 or 99B+K” and “11 or 44 or 77B+K” can now move diagonally. This makes it easier to shift to his special Dread Storm stance, from which he can trigger powerful moves with his feet against a wall.

“While soul charged a6, B”, a powerful new move added in season 2, resulted in many one-sided matches. To alleviate this, the amount of soul charge time it consumes was increased, and it is now harder for the move to place distance between characters upon guard.



Although Raphael requires a high level of execution to draw out his true strength, his moves proved to be very damaging despite their low risk. To address this, we’ve readjusted the damage of some of his moves in version 2.20.

Damage was reduced for a variety of moves, such as “6[B]” and “33 or 66 or 99B+K”, which allowed Raphael to safely shift to Preparation and deal massive damage upon hit; “B, B” and “6B”, which were used often as counterattacks; and “During Preparation B, K”, which dealt more damage in wall combos.

To make the character more accessible to players who find it difficult to input complex commands, moves with easier command inputs which previously saw little use has been improved.

The opening after “33 or 66 or 99K” was greatly reduced, giving it more viability as an offensive option. The 2nd attack of “22 or 88B, B” now launches the opponent higher than before when the 1st attack lands as a counter hit, giving Raphael the chance to make use of air combos involving “6A+B”.



In version 2.20, adjustments were made with primarily two points in mind: making approaching easier for Talim, and helping her stay close to the opponent. The distance moved forward during “33 or 66 or 99B” has been increased, making it easier for Talim to chase down opponents who try to back away. Also, she now has a better advantage at close range when she uses “6A, B”, which is now a break attack, and “6A, K”, which has been powered up. Talim’s close-range combat has been improved further thanks to “B, B” now keeping her closer to the opponent after it hits. Additionally, the start-up for “6K” has also been sped up, making it a guaranteed punish at distances at which Talim used to struggle.



In line with the universal changes made in version 2.20, hitboxes have been reduced for vertical attacks that were difficult to evade by moving to the side, and tracking was also adjusted to prevent the attacks from unintentionally missing.

“6B” while Jolly and “6B” while Gloomy were able to easily catch opponents moving to the side, particularly at mid range. The reduction in their hitboxes had a huge effect on Tira’s strategy, so “6B+K”, which saw little use before, was adjusted to be more viable. Because it has lower risk than before, it’s also a great move to land as a counter hit on an approaching or retreating opponent.

Tracking for “Getsopft Madness” (B+K or 236[A+B+K], etc.) has been improved, which makes it harder for opponents to maneuver around Tira and easier for her to follow-up.



In version 2.20, we’ve made additional balance adjustments to elements added in season 2. Zasalamel’s soul attacks now inflict one curse upon hit or guard, so magic spells can now be cast even with no curses inflicted. Opponent behavior has been changed to allow for use in combos as well. Zasalamel’s critical edge changes based on how many curses have been inflicted upon the opponent, but landing the attack with the maximum of three will now reduce the opponent’s soul gauage and guard stamina, adding more benefit to using the attack. Additionally, adjustments were made to magic spells that make them easier to use in air combos after “4A” hits, making this strategy more fun to use.



In version 2.20, new commands were added and balance adjustments were made for Groh’s special stance “Avenger” in which he separates his sword into two, allowing for new strategies. Major improvements were made, such as “33 or 66 or 99B, bG” being added as an effective way to combat opponents who guard impact the 2nd attack of “33 or 66 or 99B, B”, and “While in Avenger stance K, A” now hitting up to the 2nd attack in succession when the 1st attack lands as a normal hit.

One of Groth’s greatest strengths ins his high-damaging attack power while soul charged. To keep in line with this, “4A+G” while soul charged has had its damage increased, “1A, K” now deals more combo damage upon lethal hit, and opponent behavior has been changed when “While in Avenger stance B, K, B” lands in midair, among other changes.



Azwel is a unique character in that he fights without holding a weapon. When performing an attack, he generates a weapon out of thin air, and attacks performed after a weapon has been generated have the benefit of faster start-up. Sword mode saw far more use than spear mode before, but in version 2.20, adjustments were made to better balance all three of Azwel’s modes; sword mode was downgraded slightly, while spear mode was improved.

“A+K” is a new command added in season 2, and it now earn Azwel more resources when forming a weapon. This makes it a viable option when knocking the opponent away, etc. The opponent’s behavior is now different when hit midair with “Without weapons formed B+K”, making the move great as a follow-up after spear mode weapon arts, etc.



Adjustments were made in version 2.20 to make moves that saw little use before more appealing. “6K” will now knock the opponent down upon normal hit, just as it does upon counter hit, make it a guaranteed punishment after guarding an attack that leaves the opponent vulnerable. “6B+K, [B]” now fills the soul gauge even more, allowing the player to prioritize either damage or soul gauge gain when performing combos.

In order to reduce its ring-out properties, changes were made to “6[6]B, A”, including shortening its forward movement distance. “11 or 77A” was a difficult attack for opponents to deal with, so it can now no longer be used as a guard crush.



Balance adjustments were made in version 2.20 to add more variety to 2B’s offensive options. 2B’s strength is her mix-ups that make use of her Aggression Shift. By improving her lesser-used lower execution moves, we’ve increased the strength of her neutral game. “6A, A” hits in succession as arun counter and now deals more damage; “6[B]” is now a break attack; and “22 or 88K, [K]” moves 2B further forward and places less distance between her and the opponent upon guard.

While 2B is soul charged, her offensive pressure is a force to be reckoned with, and to further highlight this, her soul attacks now hit downed opponents as well.



In line with the universal changes made in version 2.20, Amy’s attack options have been expanded, and balance adjustments have been made to add more viability to her move set.

Middle attacks “3K” and “33 or 66 or 99K” have improved difference in stun upon guard, making them less risky than other middle attacks with similar start-up, which gives players more choices.

Amy’s mix-ups are improved when her Red Rose Perception level is maxed out, but given that her perception levels are easier to increase in season 2, her low attack “4A, A” gave her too much control over the opponent. To address this, the move’s damage has been decreased.



Cassandra excels at close range, and her powerful attacks’ quick start-up allows her to deal high damage with ease. In version 2.20, we’ve reduced the damage for some of the attacks that proved too strong, and made adjustments to better highlight Cassandra’s unique elements.

Landing certain attacks will trigger Divine Force and gives Cassandra access to the power of the gods with Full Force. Triggering Divine Force with it already active now has the added benefit of increasing the soul gauge. Titanic Struggle straddles the opponent and forces them into a guessing game. Previously, shifting into the stance five or more times would allow “During Titanic Struggle 4A or 4B or 4K” to land as a lethal hit, but that condition has been lowered to four. Using combos that shift to Titanic Struggle, such using “8B+K” in a midair combo, now have much more viability.



Hilde has access to special techniques called focused attacks that are triggered by holding and releasing attack buttons. In order to ensure SCVI players who struggle with this mechanic can still enjoy playing as Hilde, we have improved her low execution moves. As part of the changes in version 2.20, we’ve adjusted moves like “6K”, “33 or 66 or 99B, B”, and “22 or 88B+K”, and have made Hilde’s playstyle easier to manage without requiring high levels of skill.

Though Hilde can still be played by less technical players, the Regalia system was intended as a way to reward more technical input. Landing a focused attack will grant Hilde Regalia and give her access to powerful Regalia Arts. Landing another focused attack with Regalia already granted will increase the soul gauge.



Because Haohmaru was not designed to be a quick character that overwhelms the opponent at close range, his basic attacks like “A, A” and “B, B” have relatively slow start-up. However in version 2.20, we’ve made improvements to his toolkit to compensate for his start-up speeds and make him easier to play.

“Cyclone Slash: Zero Form” (623A, etc.) now deals more damage and is a great way to stop the opponent in their track when they try to move to the side.

“11 or 44 or 77K” was a difficult attack for opponents to deal with, so its damage has been reduced and Haohmaru is now at a disadvantage upon guard, meaning he will have to engage the opponent in a mindgame. Defensive options lik e”236A+B” and “4A+B” will now need to be used as well, depending on the opponent’s actions.


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