SoulCalibur VI Version 2.00 Patch Notes

Check out the details for this massive balance update
By on November 20, 2019

SoulCalibur VI version 2.00 patch has dropped!

See all the changes made to the system and the character balance below:

System Changes

Soul Attack

  • Added special attacks called “Soul Attack” which shift you to a Soul Charged state while attacking the opponent.
  • Soul charging generates a shockwave that knocks the opponent back, making it hard to follow up with powered up attacks. This mechanic was added to counter this.
  • Soul Attacks are an effective way of utilizing Soul Charged techniques while keeping up your offensive.
  • One full soul gauge bar is needed to trigger the attack.
  • It can be performed by all characters with 236A+B+K
  • Depending on the fighting style, some Soul Attacks allow follow-ups or shift you to special stances with extra commands.
  • Unlike Soul Charge, Soul Attacks do not grant you immediate invincibility, meaning they shouldn’t be used as a defensive option.
  • As a general rule, Soul Attacks cannot be performed if you are already in a Soul Charged state. (However, some characters can still use Soul Attacks while in a Soul Charged state.)

Resistance Impact

  • Added a new mechanic called “Resist Impact” that allows you to repel Break Attacks and Unblockable Attacks.
  • Half of a soul gauge bar is needed to trigger the attack.
  • It can be performed by all characters with 6B+G
  • Unlike a normal Guard Impact (6G), a Resist Impact does not cost guard stamina.
  • Successfully repelling an attack with a Resist Impact will restore a great deal of your guard stamina.
  • It is an effective way of getting out of danger just before a guard crush.
  • While you are Soul Charged, the move will not cost any soul gauge.
  • However, as with Soul Charged moves, it will slightly decrease your Soul Charge time.
  • Unlike with normal Guard Impacts, successfully repelling an attack will not increase the soul gauge

Improvements to Reversal Edge

  • The following changes were made to Reversal Edge to improve the pace of matches.
  • Previously, the conditions “holding the attack button for the maximum duration” and “immediately after successfully parrying the opponent’s attack” would shift you to a Reversal Edge clash upon hit or guard.
  • However, it will now shift only upon hit.
  • Though you won’t shift to a clash upon guard anymore, your soul gauge will increase a great deal.
  • The amount your soul gauge is increased has been boosted for when the attack lands against an opponent that cannot shift to a clash, such as a jumping or downed opponent.
  • To replace Reversal Edge clashes triggering upon guard, Season 2 now allows Reversal Edges to guard crush instead.
  • When guarded, Reversal Edges now deal chip damage.
  • The amount your soul gauge is increased when parrying the opponent’s attack has been boosted.

Changes Made to Grapple Breaks

  • Made the follow two changes to allow for more offensive options after a grapple break.
  • The soul gauge increases for the attacker even if the opponent performs a grapple break.
  • You still receive some damage when successfully performing a grapple break.
  • This damage will never cause a K.O. (Health will never drop below zero from a grapple break.)
  • The above changes do not apply to grapple breaks performed against the following throws.
    • Seong Mi-na’s “Opening Treasure” and “Holding Treasure”
    • Kilik’s “Trick Bo” and “Dirty Bo”
    • The 2nd attack of Sophitia’s “Heaven To Hell”
    • The 2nd attack of Talim’s “Monsoon Season”
    • Cassandra’s “Cyclops Hammer” and “Cyclops Drop”
    • Yoshimitsu’s “Soul Siphon” and “Soul Possession”

Vulnerability During a Step

  • Taking a step backward or to the side temporarily places you in a vulnerable state during which you cannot guard, but now you will remain vulnerable even if you change direction to take a step forward.
  • You will be able to guard again after a fixed amount of time has passed.
  • However, changing direction to take a step forward still cannot be run countered.

Jump Attacks

  • Regarding the input window, certain inputs would cause the tracking of jump attacks to be much better than intended. The input window for jump attacks has been made stricter to make it harder for this to occur.

Horizontal Roll Wakeup

  • Fixed an issue in which characters were unable to guard for some time while waking up from a downed state

Inputting Back to Forward

  • Adjusted the input window to reduce cases in which the attack with this command would be performed unintentionally.

Attacks That Count Number of Hits

  • Previously, actions that increase in power based on the number of hits, like Zasalamel’s curse and Amy’s Perception (number of rose hits),would count hits even if performed when a revenge attack misses. This issue has been fixed.

Number of Wall Hits

  • Normally, up to 2 wall hits are allowed in 1 combo, but hitting an opponent that performed an ukemi would reset the wall hit counter. This issue has been fixed. Note: The health gauge and combo hit display do not reset, making it appear as though the combo continued. This will be addressed in the future.

Midair Hit Behavior

  • Fixed an issue in which a character getting knocked back midair and making contact with the edge of the stage would cause the character toget caught and slide instead of ringing out.

Wall Hit Behavior

  • Fixed an issue in which a character would fall down outside of the stage instead of inside it if they are knocked into a wall.

Soul Charge

  • If an opponent’s attack hits you before you trigger a Soul Charge, it is now treated as an attack counter.

Guard Impact + Reverse Impact

  • Increased the opening after a miss by 2 frames.

Character Changes

Here are the synopsis given for the direction taken for the characters.

Check out the PDF released by Bandai Namco for the full detailed list of changes.


Mitsurugi became more appealing preparing for tough battles with new rivals in Season 2. We added a new powered-up state called “Shura Blade” which can be triggered in battle and new actions from special stances. You will have more fun with these adjustments. The new move “Full Moon Glow” is Mitsurugi’s “Soul Attack” which will be a good support for Mitsurugi whose mix-up game are enhanced during Soul Charge. You can expect more damage from “Soul Attack” than a Critical Edge by reading your opponent’s move since it will ground them and allow you to continue your offense when it hits the opponent mid air. We adjusted the start-up of his Critical Edge “Thunderbolt Blade”. You will have less easy hits with your counterattack or interruption by this adjustment. However, it is still a powerful attack if you use it wisely since “Shura Blade” will be triggered by the use of the Critical Edge.


Seong Mi-na

We made adjustments to Seong Mi-na with which you will enjoy swinging her weapon strongly more than ever. We added a horizontal attack which is useful for stopping the opponent’s 8-way run and a new ability which increase her soul gauge by performing an attack with hold inputs. These adjustments facilitate her powerful way of fighting. The new move “Seong’s Supernal Strike” is Seong Mi-na’s “Soul Attack” which allows you to ground a downed opponent. By combining it to a combo, you can continue your offense with Soul Charged attacks. We limited combo damage and ring out capability for several combos used in Season 1 by adjusting the direction and distance an opponent flies. It is important to use the combos and other attacks tactfully depending on the situation. For example, you can choose the direction your opponent flies with the new attack, “Rising Heaven”.



We expanded the attack options for Taki as a close-range specialist in Season 2, who is good at close-range rushing and combo attacks using Mekki-Maru at her waist which deals chip damage to an guarding opponent. The new move “Quake Slash” is Taki’s “Soul Attack” which is a vertical combo attack useful in close-range battles and allows you to deal damage, even if the opponent is guarding. It is recommended that you shift to “Possession” upon a hit and perform a newly added low attack, “Vacuum Drop Kick”. “Cursed Talisman” is effective in hitting your opponent to the edge of the stage. We altered “Cursed Talisman” to allow you to shift to “Possession Rush” for a quicker close-range battle. “Stalker” can be shifted to “Stalker Cloud”, a low attack with a wide attack range. Now you can put more pressure on your opponent in close-range battles by using these new actions.



Maxi performs endless combo attacks through seven stances based on Seven Stars of the Big Dipper. He became more appealing with adjustments in Season 2. Although he could perform strong attacks through special stances when Soul Charged, Soul Charge itself was only done during a normal stance in Season 1. The new moves “Zodiac Dragon’s Might” and “Guardian Dragon’s Might” is Maxi’s “Soul Attack” which allows you to attack while shifting to a Soul Charged state and choose the next stance. The moves will be essential for you to create new attacking options. You can increase your soul gauge by performing an attack after “Seven Stars Rebirth”, which switches your stances, and you will get new stronger attacks if you light up all seven stars. Although the ring out capability of combos with Critical Edges diminished a little, the variations of your attacks widened on the whole in Season 2.



Voldo uses various moves at both front/away-facing positions and special moves like “Mantis Crawl” and “Caliostro Rush”. We made adjustments to improve the variety of Voldo’s attack in Season 2. Since his effective attacks mainly comes from his special stances, we improved his horizontal attack which can be performed from a front-facing position. We also widened the attack variation by adding attacks to/from an away-facing position and to/from Caliostro Rush. The new move “Demonic Drill” is Voldo’s “Soul Attack” which can be performed from both positions, facing forward and away. Using Soul Charge usually switches positions however, this new Soul Attack “Demonic Drill” allows you to activate Soul Charge state without switching positions and will lead you to more offensive fights.



Sophitia is the standard character in the series who is well-balanced in both offence and defense. We made her even easier to play for more players in Season 2. The new move “Zeus’s Fulmination” is Sophitia’s “Soul Attack” which aims to provide more attacking opportunities with Soul Charged attacks. You can utilize “Zeus’s Fulmination” as a new use of soul gauge since it can be performed from a normal stance and Angel Step and allows you to move first regardless of hit or guard. Some attacks were weakened however, we believe that you will enjoy the battles with a fresh mind since more battle plans can be created with the addition of new actions such as “Angelic Retribution” and “Elysium Kick” which provide effective attacks at any range.



We made adjustments to Siegfried with which you can utilize a Critical Edge and “Dark Legacy” more practically in battles by adding new commands. Since Critical Edge can be performed from “Chief Hold” you will have more chances of landing a Critical Edge during an air combo in Season 2. Soul Attack “Lone Warrior” shifts to “Reverse Side Hold” with Soul Charged state after the attack. Since you can move first regardless of hit or guard, you can perform a mix-up from Reverse Side Hold or use powerful Soul Charge attacks by switching to other special stances.



Ivy can attack an opponent who keeps their distance by using her snake sword which shape can be changed at will. You will enjoy middle to long range battles using the unique weapon with the addition of pokes and enhancement ofspecial stance “Serpent’s Embrace”. While we made some attacks which were not so effective before more attractive, we limited ring out capability. On the whole, she became a character with whom you can enjoy unique battle styles more than Season 1. The new move “Heartless Confession” is Ivy’s “Soul Attack” which has quick start-up and a long reach. You can use the move effectively aiming for openings after a missed attack. It can also be used as a combo after dragging anopponent in using “Lash of Atonement” followed by Soul Charged attacks from “Serpent’s Embrace”.



Kilik normally fights steadily with low-risk moves however, he suddenly becomes aggressive with Soul Charge. The new move “Cleansing Rod” is Kilik’s “Soul Attack” which allows you a new battle style where you can attack quickly shifting to a Soul Charge state in the middle of combos including ones with “Monument”. “Ominous Drill” and “Lonely Phoenix Cry” are new attacks in which Kilik changes himself into a Malfested for a short time. These attacks cost your health but are very powerful and you can move first even when the opponent is guarding without Soul Charge. You will have new fighting options even when not in Soul Charged state.



Xianghua fights with moves which are low-risk and easy to perform combining feints with “Silent Xia Sheng” and combos. We gave more options to her fighting style with feints in Season 2. The opportunities for attacks through “Silent Xia Sheng” are increased with new commands added. And new moves “Serene Echo” and “Burning Lotus Blade” which areactivated through a low special stance “Playful Xia Sheng” enabling you open up the opponent’s guard with middle and low attacks. The new move “Windswept Blossom” is Xianghua’s “Soul Attack” which is a two-strike attack combining a long reach thrust and a horizontal attack. It will work as an offense starter. Performing “Silent Xia Sheng” now increases soul gauge and allows you to spend it using powerful actions. This new property will be a key to success in Season 2.



We made adjustments in which you will find it more fun to close the gap between you and your opponent by adding close-range moves which Yoshimitsu has always preferred and also middle-ranged moves which had less options before. We added some counteractions to the fact that “Resist Impact” repels Unblockable Attacks in Season 2 since Unblockable Attacks have been very important to Yoshimitsu’s fighting style. You can utilize the new moves “Flashing Steel” and “Spectral Blade” to break tough situations since the moves trigger a Lethal Hit. Soul Attack “Yin and Yang Recursion” shifts to “Super Dragonfly” after the attack. You can perform the powerful attack from the sky during Soul Charged state. It will be your deadly weapon.



Nightmare is a power fighter with an all-out offensive style. We made adjustments with which you can play even more powerful fights. The new move “Harbinger of Doom” is Nightmare’s “Soul Attack” which boasts an overwhelmingly long reach and is the only Soul Attack which can be triggered even while Soul Charged. This allows you to keep your Soul Charged state and overpower your opponent quickly. We also added useful options such as a throw technique “Wicked Torture” from which you can shift to Terror Charge and “Cursed Shutter” which makes middle horizontal attacks easier to use.



Astaroth boasts great raw power with his devastating throws. We added new throws “Vile Titan” and “Wicked Judgement” which you perform after you dodge high attacks and charge towards your opponent. These attacks will be strong options for dominating close range battles. We also added “Bear Tamer” which is useful as a control technique at middle-range, “Death Bringer” which is useful as a counter after dodging a high attack by crouching, and a new feature in which you activate a Lethal Hit after anopponent succeeds in a certain number of grapple breaks. The new move “Fiendish Assault” is Astaroth’s “Soul Attack” which is a middle horizontal attack with a quick start-up. It will be used as a starter for attacks with Soul Charge.



We added the new move “Annihilation Bringer” which is Inferno, the boss character’s “Soul Attack”. You can take advantage of the fearsome move to eliminate opponents efficiently since Inferno can activate a lot of Lethal Hits when Soul Charged.



We added new actions using a gun to Cervantes who wields a pistol sword. The new move “Cyclops Carnage” is Cervantes’s “Soul Attack” which allows you to attack your opponent with his sword at a close-range first, then with his gun at a long-range. You can utilize it to aim at your opponent after they miss at a long-range or attack with Soul Charged attacks by canceling his shooting at a close-range. You will enjoy attacking while Soul Charged with new strong Break Attacks and throws. “Storm Maker” is a useful vertical attack which can be used based on the number of gun hits and allows you to perform it while closing in and triggers a Lethal Hit. We recommend that you perform high damaging attacks actively whilesuppressing your opponent’s 8-way run using “Slant Cross”.



Raphael specializes in vertical strikes and the speed and reach of his attacks are matchless. He also covers his opening after his move by his special stance “Preparation”. We improved actions associated with “Preparation” making his fight more attractive in Season 2. “Venom Impact”, a combo starter, replaced a Reversal Edge during “Preparation” which was an important strategic option in Season 1. Its defensive capability remains the same. The new move “Royal Serpent” is Raphael’s “Soul Attack” which can shift to “Shadow Evade” after the attack, leading you to an opportunity to perform the new low attack “Mandrake Shaft”. It will always be your great option to finish your opponent with sturdy defense.



Talim prefers close-range battles using special movements such as “Wind Sault” and attacks with high damage. We made her close-range battles more attractive by improving the usability of her main attacks and increasing options for her away-facing position. “Gale Force Kick” is a low kick with a small jump which can be performed to evade low quick attacks aiming at your legs such as 2A. “Encroaching Storm” is a middle vertical attack which can dodge high attacks. With these moves, you can try an offensive mind game even when you are in a disadvantageous situation. Soul Attack “Typhoon Mabilis” triggers a tornado by the power of “Priestess of the Winds” and drags your opponent in, restoring your guard stamina at the same time. It will bring a breath of fresh air to middle-range battles.



We made major changes to Tira in Season 2. The following two conditions are no longer effective allowing you to fight with a personality change in mind more. “Tira will return to Jolly if she gets a Break Attack.” “Tira will be vulnerable if she doesn’t have enough health remaining to use an attack that consumes health.” We also made her easier to play by adding commands which can be used by both personalities. The new move “Acidic Modulation” is Tira’s “Soul Attack” which always triggers a personality change upon hit and allows you to mix-up the opponent with a Lethal Hit using Gestopft Madness. We increased the chance of “Gloomy Coda” by allowing personality changes to be triggered more.



Zasalamel curses an opponent and then casts magic on them. We added some moves intending to make this strategy deeper. His soul gauge was relatively hard to utilize before since his Critical Edge has more defensive capabilities. The new move “Abyssal Punishment” is Zasalamel’s “Soul Attack” which allows you to cast magic and shift to a Soul Charged statein Season 2. And now, you can use a new magic to make the curses explode in purpose of offense and defense. Now the effect of his Critical Edge changes based on the number of curses which adds depth to his strategy. This will also make it easier for the opponent to attack Zasalamel who has soul gauge.



Grøh suppresses an opponent by his Double Sabre which has a wide attack range and finishes them by attacks from the “Avenger stance” which splits his weapon in two. We improved this fighting style by adding various new moves. The new move “Swords United” is Grøh’s “Soul Attack” which can be shifted to his stance after the attack. It will work as a starter for newly added Soul Charged attacks from the Avenger stance. We added options to stop opponent’s 8-way run for more stable battles such as “Knight’s Vow” and “Hidden Tomb” which are easy-to-use horizontal attacks, “Sir Lancelot’s Might” and “Sir Bors’s Scream” which are charges from adistance. Please enjoy his shouts during his moves!



Azwel has a unique fighting style in which he is empty-handed however, can create weapons out of thin air. We added new moves which deepens this style in Season 2. You can produce weapons by “Pareidolia’s Awakening” which is a counter attack with a quick start-up without dealing any damage. When your opponent is at a distance, you will have time to select your weapon activating “Humanity’s Emancipation”. Azwel’s “Soul Attack” changes the attack you perform based on the number of “Soul Attacks” triggered. The first time, the attack will be “Spirit Sword Salvation” which drags your opponent in. And the second time the high damaging “Evil Sword’s Embrace” will be activated.



Geralt wields swords of two types, steel and silver and can also use basic magic “Glyph”. We added a lot of new commands making his Glyphs more useful. Now in Season 2, you can use “Axii Glyph” not only when Critical Edge hits but also in a normal state to attack your opponent who is moving back. The new move “Yrden Aggression” is Geralt’s “Soul Attack” which allows you to actively damage your opponent with “Yrden Glyph” which was only used defensively before. This way, it will be easier for you to perform Lethal Hits triggered by hits of different Glyphs. We also added a horizontal attack which can stop your opponent giving you more chances to attack. We would recommend Geralt for those who play SCVI for the first time from Season 2 because of his usability.



2B is an Autonomous Combat Android “YoRHa No. 2 Type B” who handles multiple armaments in her complex and flexible combat style. New moves have been added to her core movement “Aggression Shift” and improved capabilities enabling her to react to even more various situations. Triggering a Lethal Hit that uses more than “9” analysis points now fully restores guard stamina. This will play an important role defensively. Soul Attack “Soul Stance: Charged Support” can shift to “Aggression Shift” or “Aerial Leap”. Her very powerful attacks while Soul Charged with support from Tactical Support Unit Pod 042 is still available. She can give her hostile life form critical damage in return for her soul gauge by using it. Expect accurate execution with the best use of available resources . ―― Glory to mankind.



Amy moves swiftly at close-range and enhances herself by raising “Perception”. We added easy-to-use combos and enhanced her main characteristic moves in Season 2. “Amaryllis Spin”, which is used to close in, became much more flexible with the additions of “Amaryllis Perch” which stops your move and shifts to crouching and “Amaryllis Flicker” in which you sidestep and give your opponent a thrust. When “Red Rose Perception” is at max, it now increases the soul gauge greatly. By using this new element, aiming to attack with “Mystic Thorn”, which is Amy’s new “Soul Attack”, could be interesting. You will have a good chance toattack quickly since you can shift to 3 different stances after this attack.



Cassandra, like her older sister Sophitia, uses standard and effective moves. In Season 2, we made the start-up of her basic move, A, one of the fastest moves in the game allowing her to take more advantage in close-range battles. You will enjoy more powerful battles with the addition of new moves such as “Angel Discus: Regina” which decreases guard stamina but can shift you to a close-range battle with advantage and “Righteous Blow” which triggers Divine Force upon hit. The new move “Ruffian Hunter” is Cassandra’s “Soul Attack” which is a middle horizontal attack with a low risk. You can shift to “Angel Step” or “Angelic Twirl” after the move and aim for powerful Soul Charged attacks.

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