SNK Expands and Improves its Esports Support Program

By on August 4, 2020

As the Fighting Game Community continues to explore and embrace esports, industry leaders are stepping up to help. The most recent case comes from SNK, makers of the King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown franchises. Earlier today, the company announced an updated and enhanced version of its Esports Support Program, which has resources for Tournament Organizers and fans alike.

Primarily designed for the use of TOs, the Esports Support Program offers “advertising support and prize giveaways” to events that run SNK titles and meet a list of eligibility criteria. Now, in its new incarnation, the program also has a “fankit” of high-definition artwork and an event calendar. While the use of the fankit is limited to TOs and other event promoters, fans can and should check out the tournament calendar so they can keep up to date on their favorite games and players.

So if you’ve been searching for KOF and SamSho streams, or if you’re a TO who wants to learn how SNK can help your event, click here to visit the official SNK Esports Support Program website.

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