Shermie Trailer is Released for King of Fighters XV

By on April 15, 2021

The newest trailer for SNK’s upcoming title, King of Fighters XV, released Wednesday night, revealing the next character to be fighting games’ most fashionable grappler: Shermie. SNK showed her off in the usual formula as of late, with some combos that will look more or less familiar to stuff she could do in her past incarnations. Shermie’s also gotten some new clothes in the latest game while maintaining her signature hair. SNK certainly delivered on what many fans hoped for such a popular (and sparsely represented) character. While there wasn’t a new stage shown off with the character, Shermie’s animations, especially on her throws, look superb for an SNK title; take a look at her suplexing Benimaru and you can really feel the weight behind each thud. With it being seen that SNK can really go over the top like this for a popular character, I certainly hope we see more exciting reveals in the future.


If you missed the Shermie trailer, check it out here:

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