Setsuka Announced as Next DLC Character for Soul Calibur VI

Along with the assassin comes the version 2.20 update with new content
By on July 31, 2020

During the highly anticipated Japanese Fighting Game Developers Round Table, a new DLC character was announced for SoulCalibur VI.

Setsuka is a master of the hidden blade with fast attacks that are meant to overwhelm the opponent. Setsuka was taken in as a runaway by a master of the hidden blade style. One day she found her master injured beyond recovery. He continued to train her in the art of this fighting style and eventually revealed that Mitsurugi was the one who defeated him. After her masters death, she decided to go on a journey find Mitsurugi to defeat him.

Setsuka’s fighting style utilizes Just Frame (perfectly timed) attacks that makes her attacks more potent and looks to counter hit opponents for massive damage. Her style is not easy for beginners due to the execution requirements, but mastering the timing will yield amazing results for this character.

Along with Setsuka, version 2.20 of the game will be release. The update will come with character balance changes, a new stage for Setsuka and her classic costume set, character creation set E which includes Tekken themed pieces. Outside of the trailer, the developers announced that there will be a new option to not destroy clothes so that the intricate custom characters will keep their look during the fights.

Check out the full character trailer for Setsuka below:

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