Seth Announced as the 40th Character for Street Fighter V Champion Edition

By on December 15, 2019

Seth has been announced as the 40th character for Street Fighter V Champion Edition.

Seth returns to reprise the role as a boss character from Street Fighter 4. Seth seems to be packing with a brand new moveset and not the borrowed moves he had from the previous title. But Seth has a totally new look with being female this time! She will have a nostalgia costume that will be the male version from Street Fighter 4.

Seth’s V-Skills are as follows:

  • V-Skill 1 – Tanden Engine
    • The familiar move from Street Fighter 4 that drags the opponent towards Seth, but now it seems to be a full on command grab. This will also steal a move from the opponent she uses it on.
  • V-Skill 2 – Tanden Booster
    • A spin attack that ends in a launching kick that can be combo into and from

Seth’s V-Triggers are as follows:

  • V-Trigger 1 – Tanden Ignition
    • Seems to give Seth higher combo and juggle potential with her moves by giving them special properties.
  • V-Trigger 2 – Tanden Maneuver
    • Summons a ball where the movement can be controlled. It can move in 5 directions and then explodes to launch the opopnent.

The trailer ends with Seth’s Critical Art being the iconic Ultra 1. Tanden Stream.


See the full reveal trailer below:

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