Sephiroth Joins the Fray in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Yes, Really

By on December 11, 2020

For those that missed the Game Awards (and the hubbub on Twitter), Sephiroth has been announced to be the next DLC Character for Smash Ultimate.

Sephiroth is the edge lord villain of Final Fantasy 7, the 1999 RPG that put the series on the map for mainstream gaming. Sephiroth is an elite soldier that goes insane after learning the origins of his birth and attempts to make a meteor crash into the world.

The reveal showed Sephiroth’s abilities and range with his humongous sword. To compensate for such range, the sword swings seem to be a bit on the slower side. He also has a grounded sword combo attack that has a lot of quick strikes. Some of his other moves seem to be a fire and dark magic attack. He also comes with a Marth style counter.

The trailer reveals that Sephiroth will be available to play sometime in December of 2020.

You can check out the full reveal trailer here below:

Source: Nintendo Twitter

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