Scorpina Unveiled in New Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Trailer

Scorpion's biggest crush.
By on December 8, 2020

On December Seventh, the final Season 3 character for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Scorpina’s character trailer was unveiled. The trailer consists of a minute, and thirty seconds of pure gameplay which shows off some of Scorpina’s combo routes, specials, and her super.

Scorpina is a recurring villian who served big bad Rita Repulsa, and later returned in Power Rangers HyperForce . She takes advantage of many abilities from the show such as her super strength, teleportation, a “scorpion energy laser”, putty summoning, and her strong hand to hand combat abilities. Although she is also capable of transforming into a large, andromorphic scorpion, we do not see her perform this in her trailer.

Her playstyle looks to be a heavy rushdown/mixup style from what we can gleam. She has strong mobility options, including an impressive looking divekick, and her signature teleportation. All in all she looks to be an excellent addition to an already strong roster.


You can play Scorpina on the Eighth of December, so we’re looking forward to seeing what the lab monsters can come up with today!

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