Sajam Presents “Magic Pixel” the Fighting Game Community D&D Show

Join in on the journey of Sajam and his merry band of adventurers
By on March 25, 2020

Sajam present “Magic Pixel” the Fighting Game Community D&D show.

Dungeons & Dragons is a very fun board game that has players use their imagination to go on quests together. A dungeon master tells the story of the party’s quest and they make decisions based on the situations thrust upon them. This iteration of the game that the crew is playing is 5e in a homebrew campaign with some custom rules.

Meet the adventuring party:

The high level of cleverness from so many of our favorite FGC personalities combined with fighting game memery makes for an excellently hilarious viewing experience. To set the stage, the adventure starts with “a broadcast to your crystal balls brought to you by Team Pooky”

You can catch future episodes of “Magic Pixel” every Tuesday at 7pm, Pacific Standard Time on Sajam’s twitch channel.

Check out the first two episodes here below:

Be sure to support the party by subscribing to their YouTube and Twitch channels.

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