Rooflemonger Reviews the Playstation 4 Back Button Attachment

See how you can do easy IAD's, K Backdashes, and Handslaps with ease
By on January 27, 2020

Playstation has just released a new back button add-on attachment.

The new controller add-on allows you to program any button, including directions, to the 2 paddles.It attaches to the button of the controller and also has a stereo headphone jack.

Rooflemonger demonstrates in Dragon Ball FighterZ how the back button paddle can help with a super jump instant airdash. This gives a great advantage to allow fast low airdashes that are much more consistent.

He also brings up an example with Tekken on doing easy Korean Backdashes with the back button add-on. He programs a down and a left on each paddle and alternates the d-pad and paddles to get fast back dashes.

The last example is with E. Honda’s hundred hand slap. This technique is pretty difficult to do consistently on a pad but the add-on helps to get the 4 inputs required for a cleaner input.

You can pick up a PS4 back button attachment for $39.99 USD.

See his full review and thoughts on the add-on below:

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This brings up some more thoughts on controller rulings. Should this controller add-on be tournament legal or banned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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