Ransomware Afflicts Capcom Leading to 1TB of Data Stolen

Devil May Spy
By on November 7, 2020

Capcom, a company well known to us in the FGC has been targeted in a Ransomware attack, where the perpetrators have allegedly stolen 1TB in various data assets. 

Capcom announced on the Fourth of November that they were hit with a cyberattack, and in the proceeding days explained that it was a ransomware attack by a hacker group using “Ragnar Locker” which specializes in stealing corporate data before encrypting it.

The data which was stolen allegedly includes internal reports, employee data, and undisclosed intellectual property.

Despite Capcom’s internal systems being hacked, the company stated that no consumer data had been breached; although that has yet to be seen.

We reached out for a statement from Capcom, but have not yet heard word.

Thanks to Bleeping Computer who broke the story, we were able to gain details via an alleged .txt file ransom note added with the ransomware.

So we has DOWNLOADED more than 1TB total volume of your PRIVATE SENSITIVE Data, including: 

“-Accounting files, Banking Statements, Budget and Revenue files classified as Confidential, Tax Documents

“-Intellectual Property, Proprietary Business information, Clients and Employees Personal information (Such as Passports and Visa), Incidents Acts  

“-Corporate Agreements and Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidential Agreements, Sales Summaries

“-Also we have your Private Corporate Correspondence, Emails and Messanger Conversations, Marketing presentations, Audit reports and a lot of other Sensitive Information 

“If NO Deal made than all your Data will be Published and/or Sold through an auction to any third-parties.”

Capcom also released a small announcement explaining their inability to fulfill requests. 

(Image credit: Capcom)

From the malware researcher Pancak3 we learned that the hackers responsible are demanding a sum of 11 million USD worth of bitcoin, similar to a previous breach of Italian drink manufacturer of which they demanded 15 million USD worth of bitcoin.

The Independent MalwareHunterTeam stated that both hacks had the same digital signature.


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