Painbot Interviews Top Samurai Shodown Player, AndyOCR

By on February 5, 2020

Painbot and AndyOCR shoots the breeze in this very chill Samurai Shodown based podcast.

AndyOCR is a longtime fighting game player best known for his Dictator play in Street Fighter 4 and 5 besting big names like Bonchan. Now he’s focused on Samurai Shodown and is known for his very solid play with dual katana wielding master, Jubei. His biggest win thus far is taking the title for East Coast Throwdown 2019.

They talk about how it feels to play Samurai Shodown compared to other games. They discuss some of the stronger players in the scene and how they seem to handle the game. Andy also shares how he got into playing fighting games and much more.

Check out the full (NSFW) podcast show below:

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