Offcast Investigates if Reddit is the Best Place to Learn Street Fighter

Offcast sits down with Joe Munday to talk about r/StreetFighter
By on March 31, 2020

In the information age, it feels like we have infinite amounts of knowledge available at our fingertips. This is definitely true for learning how to play fighting games as we have Twitter, YouTube, and sites like A big issue with this wealth of knowledge is a lack of organization and curation of what is good content. That’s where Reddit has come into the picture to help address this.

Louis ‘Offcast’ Vigil sits down to talk with Joe Munday about r/StreetFighter, the biggest subreddit in the Fighting Game Community. Joe is the main moderator of r/StreetFighter and shows how it offers a ton of resources to help people learn Street Fighter and other things regarding the FGC.

Learn about the history of r/StreetFighter and what it has to offer to you as a player and as someone who is part of the Fighting Game Community as a whole.

Listen in on the full interview below:

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Be sure to support Joe as well by checking out r/StreetFighter and getting a copy of his book.

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