New Trailer Released For DNF DUEL

8ing and ArcSys are still comin' together for the new title
By on November 21, 2021

A new, albeit short, trailer dropped this weekend for the upcoming ArcSys/8ing title DNF DUEL. The game, which hasn’t been shown off by devs for almost a year, is a collaboration between Nexon/Neople, Arc System Works, and 8ing, a studio most known among the FGC for their work on Bloody Roar, MvC3, and the Naruto: Clash of Ninja games (ok, maybe that one’s just me). While we don’t know the full details of how development resources are split between ArcSys and 8ing, it certainly seems like ArcSys is sharing some of their expertise in regards to visuals, where the game features a more 2D anime style a la Guilty Gear Xrd, and while 8ing may be a smaller developer in 2021, their history of development has produced some seriously beloved and creative fighting game systems.

In terms of content, the trailer was painfully short in typical ArcSys fashion but focused on showing off some special moves and supers of a few characters. The cinematics and animations for the moves shown off so far look great and appear to be more cinematic and over-the-top than recent ArcSys, once again much like Xrd‘s Instant Kills. The characters featured in the trailer are all derived from well-known DFO Classes and Subclasses, namely, we see what appear to be the Berserker, Inquisitor, Female Fighter, Grappler, and Ranger. For those who might not know, DFO has different subclasses based on character gender, and the devs seem to have taken that as an excuse to make as many characters out of the classes as they can, seen with the inclusion of a Male (Grappler) and Female Fighter as distinct characters in the game’s current state. If the material released so far seems very “Guilty Gear” in aesthetic that’s not your senses fooling you, DFO has been around for quite a while and has a very similar hard rock flare to Guilty Gear.

Yeah, I have a feeling this one’ll have a bit more ROCK in it.

Beyond characters, almost nothing has been described by devs in terms of gameplay (and it likely won’t be for a while) but this new trailer does show some more of the fancy special-to-special canceling that some fans noticed in the previous trailer. This appears to be a universal mechanic and is nothing new for fans of other ArcSys titles where some sort of RC system is usually an important part of the game “feel”. While we were shown five characters, some of their special moves, and parts of their cinematic supers, no release date was given in the trailer although we’ll hopefully hear one soon. With no release announcement, it’s uncertain how standalone of a vertical slice this trailer was for the game, and how much other content has been made already. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the game in the coming months, although this is only the second major piece of media released for the game.

Check out the trailer below:

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