More Top Japanese Players Show their Street Fighter V Season 5 Tier Lists

Mago, Tokido, and Gachikun share their thoughts on SFVCE
By on December 26, 2019

TopangaTV hosted a stream where Mago, Tokido, and Gachikun shared their musings on Season 5 for Street Fighter V.

The picks for S tier are the same with other JP players with Rashid and Dictator being up in S tier, but the big difference with Kolin being ranked up there. The Kolin pick isn’t too surprising since her EX Hailstorm got a huge buff with it being able to anti-air pretty reliably and her V-Skill 2 is extremely scary. Combining her slide with a command grab that causes freeze adds a deadly layer to her mix-up game.

See the full tier list below:

Here is a translation of the tier list:

S – Rashid, Dictator, Kolin

A – Guile, Chun, Abigail, G, Urien, Karin, Akuma, Gief, Menat

B – Necalli, Zeku, Ibuki, Cammy, Laura, Poison, Kage, Boxer

C – FANG, Nash, Sakura, Ryu, Ken, Birdie, Blanka, Cody, Juri, Mika, Claw

(D) – Sim, Alex, Falke

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