Mix Up Your Strategy – Adapt!

Being flexible with your Strats are key to winning
By on September 13, 2019

“You fight like those two, but I had to change up my strategy to win.” – Guile


Fighting games are tough. They can leave your ego battered and bruised from devastating losses. At the same time, you can level up and overcome obstacles to reach new heights to win. It is much like the struggles we all face in life. To illustrate this connection, we’ve created the “Adapt!” series where we break down life lessons we can learn from fighting games and vice versa.

Today we’re looking at mixing up your strategy. Changing your approach to things is key when things don’t work out the way you expect them to.


Mix Up Your Strategy

We all have ideas of what the best way to approach a problem is and the way we go about executing that is what a strategy is. These strategies will range in complexity from a 300 point flow chart down to uppercutting randomly until you win.

Sometimes it just works =3


As solid as some of these strategies might be, they won’t always work out. There’s too many factors in fighting games that will throw off your strategy so adopting new strategies, when needed, is key to winning consistently. Nobody can plan for absolutely everything right off the bat, because nobody knows everything.

The question then comes to, “when do I switch and to what strategies?”. That comes with experience and sometimes just taking gamble is what is needed. But the one thing you definitely don’t want to do is stick to a strategy if it’s clearly not working.


Adapt It to the Game

Let’s take the example of a Guile player who LOVES to rush down. Their favorite tactic is to frame trap with sonic booms and bait people’s throw with upside down kick. This Guile matches up with a Necalli player who LOVES to fight up close. They know how to uppercut all of your upside down kick attempts with their great defensive reads, can block super patiently, and techs all of your throws.

If this Guile loses the first game after realizing this Necalli’s defense is ridiculous, this person would be a fool if they tried the same exact strategy for game 2. It would behoove this Guile player to attempt some zoning for game 2. There is the possibility that this Necalli is bad against zoning, but the Guile wouldn’t know unless they try it.

There are always exceptions to sticking to a strategy. The Guile player might think that the game plan wasn’t executed properly. They also may think that they can adapt their rush down style or make better reads against the Necalli’s reads. But technically, this actually is a strategy shift.


Adapt It to Life

The same openness to changing strategy is very powerful for life. If you had the goal to double your yearly income, you would have to come up with a strategy to do so. You might come up with the strategy of staying at your current job and working your way up. You want to stick to it no matter what and this is would be considered a noble sentiment. But if you notice things like management not being willing to promote you or the company losing money yet you’re still adamant with sticking with your plan, you’re probably in for a world of hurt.

Having only one way to get to your goal and constantly failing the same way would get you very discouraged. Being open to new strategies will allow you to make more calculated attempts towards your goal.  In this case, you might want to consider training for a new career, finding another company that will promote you, or getting a side hustle. Opening yourself to other possibilities and strategies will give you freedom and flexibility to reach your goals.


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