Minecraft’s Steve Announced For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By on October 1, 2020

"steve rocks the block!"

After months of rumor and speculation, the dream is finally a reality. Steve, the player avatar from Minecraft, will be joining the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the game’s latest DLC fighter. In keeping with the game’s tradition of bending its own rules in order to accommodate guest characters, Steve’s move set appears to rely on new mechanics that allow Nintendo to represent his source game. In addition to wielding his trademark pickaxe and sword, Steve has the ability to create blocks that essentially change the layout of the stage.

Though the announcement was short and didn’t go into many details, we do know that Steve’s alternate costumes will include Alex, Zombie, and Enderman; that Minecraft will have its own stage and music; and that more information is coming on the third. So watch the full reveal show below, then mark your calendars for Saturday at 10:30am Eastern (7:30am Pacific) to learn more about how these two iconic franchises will merge!

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