Melty Blood: Type Lumina Character Reveal – Roa

By on September 10, 2021

mbtl roa trailer splash screen

The latest character trailer for Melty Blood Type Lumina has dropped. We now have the return of one of the menacing top tiers of yore, Michael Roa Valdamjong.

Roa returns with his signature lightning bastard energy. He’s now sporting shorter hair and a new style much like the rest of the cast.


His C-Moon variant was the terror in days past (leading to the moniker “Honest Mids Michael”) although this incarnation looks to be primarily based on his H-Moon variant. This said, there are elements of his C with the horizontal lightning shot and F with the DP adjacent function.

were you shocked to see him again?

Time will tell if he will be terrorizing brackets and drinking tears but he’s flashy, he’s back, and he’s also a vampire if you didn’t know.

If you want more details on what Roa’s gameplay offers, GREATFERNMAN has also once again done some translation work you can find here .Want to start brushing up on Melty now? Hit up the MBAACC wiki and start discovering exactly how honest these mids are.


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