Melty Blood: Type Lumina Character Reveal – Noel

By on September 2, 2021

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Melty Blood: Type Lumina has revealed a new character to be featured in the Tsukihime remake as well as being the first new character in Melty Blood: Type Lumina, the halberd wielding Noel!

Lore wise, Noel is a teacher by day, and by night, a member of the same organization as Ciel; the two share a similar look with their battle outfits and both wield Black Keys, dagger-like weapons which comprise a key part of her offense along with her halberd. Unlike Ciel, Noel has a counter for her daggers.

Famitsu released an article on Noel’s play style and thanks to some translation work by GREATFERNMAN, we have some extra detail.  According to the article “her Black Keys are strong in neutral and pressure”, however, she’ll only have access to 10 each round, similar to other characters with strong neutral-influencing projectiles like Johnny from Guilty Gear or Bang from BlazBlue. She also has grounded and aerial versions of the move, and “can throw a 2nd key or dash cancel as followups for the ground version” which should allow her to vary her offense between the two tools.

In addition, she has overheads and lows she can land from mid-range, allowing her to play “a simple but strong” neutral and mix game. You can see the rest of the translation at the bottom of this article for more detailed information on what Noel is bringing to the table.

 Can’t wait to hold down back and get opened up by this time and time again.

As the first newcomer, Noel has already caused ripples of interest in the Melty scene. With a unique resource, a new fighting style, and a flashy appearance, it’s no surprise. More trailers for further character reveals should be coming each week and we’ll keep you updated as they come here at

The original Famitsu article can be found here and the translation work can be located on GREATFERNMAN’s twitter.

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