Meet the Singapore Competitive SoulCalibur Community

Offcast gets a tour from Shen Chan and ShenOu
By on April 9, 2020

New Singaporean resident, Louis ‘Offcast’ Vigil, sits down to chat with some members of the local SoulCalibur community.

Jovian ‘ShenChan’ Chan is one of the top Singaporean SoulCalibur players. He’s a longtime player who has been tearing it up for all of the SoulCalibur VI tournaments. He’s made 2nd place at SEA Major 2019, placed 5th for the SoulCalibur World Invitational 2019, and got 4th at EVO Japan 2020.

Shenou is a SoulCalibur commentator from Singapore. He primarily does the SoulCalibur commentary for events like REV Major and Southeast Asia (SEA) Major.

Learn more about origin stories of Shen Yuan and Shen Chan along with the Singapore SC community. Also see how they rank every region’s strength as a whole. And see what the SoulCalibur World Tour means to them and the SC community.

Check out the full interview here below:

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