Main Battle Planner of Under Night In-Birth Looking Into Rollback Netcode

Kamone Serizawa is causing a big buzz with this one tweet
By on October 2, 2019

The topic of net code in the Fighting Game Community has been very hot. The disdain for delay based net code and championing of rollback is at an all time high due to their noticeable differences for quality fighting game matches online.

One of the biggest voices behind the of demand of better net code is none other than Sajam (@sajam). He explains that it is unacceptable that great solutions for rollback net code have already been implemented, so it should be a standard for all fighting games.


So it’s no wonder that there was huge buzz in the FGC when Kamone Serizawa, lead battle designer of Under Night In-Birth tweeted the following:

GGPO is a popular rollback net code program that was utilized and adapted from for several 2D fighting games (3rd Strike Online, Skullgirls, Divekick, Killer Instinct, and more).

Many reached out to the the creators of GGPO, Tom and Tony Cannon, to help Kamone get more information. Apparently the website that hosted the Software Development Kit (SDK) was lost by DDOS’ing. Despite this, Tony Cannon has offered to directly help.


There’s no official word of any French Bread games going forward with any rollback netcode, but this is hopeful news for the online portion of UNICLR and future French Bread games.

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