Mad Catz Announces Brand New Controller – E.G.O FightStick Controller

By on December 12, 2019

Mad Catz has announced a brand new fight stick coming to the market, the E.G.O Fightstick.

Mad Catz once was dominant in the commercial fight stick market in 2009. They came onto the scene right along the resurgence of fighting games that came with Street Fighter 4. Mark “MarkMan” Julio, who is a longtime arcade stick aficionado, helped with the design for a high quality controller and produced 2 versions of the stick. The budget Mad Catz Standard Edition Fight Stick SE . The premium Mad Catz Tournament Edition Fight Stick TE, which was by far the most popular stick in the FGC at the time.

As more competitors like Razer, Hori, and Qanba joined the market, Mad Catz started to lose their prominence as the market leader. In March of 2017, they eventually filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with all the leadership resigning and assets liquidated. In January of 2018, somehow Mad Catz has been revived with the rights to the company being purchased by an entity in Asia and renamed the company as Mad Catz Global Limited.

We’ll have to wait to see how much of an improvement this new stick brings from their last product, the Tournament Edition 2 stick. More details will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 6 to 9, 2020.

See the official announcement here below:

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