Linkorz and BlueGod Invited to Soul Calibur VI World Invitational Event

These 2 American players have been chosen to enter the stage of history
By on September 26, 2019

Bandai Namco has just announced 2 more players to be a part of the Soul Calibur VI World Invitational. This invitational tournament will be happening at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas on November 2, 2019. There will also be a last chance qualifier at the event.

Linkorz (@linkorz_) is best known for his Geralt and Siegfried play. He’s won many 1st places for SC6, namely at Combo Breaker 2019, Northwest Majors XI, and April Annihilation 2019.

BlueGod (@bluuegod) is known for his Azwel play and is the 2nd place finisher for 2019 EVO in Soul Calibur VI. He’s also no slouch with nabbing his own first place finishers at Summer Jam 13, CEO 2019, and Dreamhack Dallas 2019.

The first 2 players announced were Skyll (@skyll_13), top Mitsurugi player from France, and Lolo MX (@loloroco), a top multi-character (Astaroth, Seong Mi-na, Yoshimitsu) player from Mexico.


Check out the official announcement below:

For more information about registering to compete or spectate, click here.

Who do you think will be the remaining 4 fighters to enter the arena of soul?

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